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Attractions and Services


    The World War II History Center offers a wide range of exhibits, covering topics from every theater of combat and the Home Front.  As our collection grows, so will our number of exhibits.  Coming soon is a World War II time-line made up of 12 panels measuring 4 feet by 6 feet.  The timeline will give a brief overview of the reasons for the war's beginning, the major highlights, and the effects that World War II still has on the world today.




Research Library

Click here to view our on-line index of library resources.

The Research Library contains resources that cover nearly every aspect of World War II from the atomic bomb and aircraft to the Warsaw Uprising and the Women of World War II.  These resources are in the form of books, magazines, photos and oral histories, and are all indexed by computer, making searches quick and easy.




On-line Research Database

Click here to view our Research Database.

If you are looking for information about military personnel, military units, or naval vessels that served during World War II, our database can help.  If we have information regarding a person, unit, or ship, it will be listed on the database.

Research Assistance

    Need help researching a topic related to World War II?  Don't have the time or the resources to do it?  Send us an e-mail or give us a call and we'll see if we can help!  Click here for words of appreciation from those we have helped.

E-mail:  research@wwiihistorycenter.org

Phone:  (316) 322-8753


Tribute Gallery

Click here to view our Tribute Gallery


    We are providing an opportunity to honor a friend or loved one that served their country during World War II in any capacity.  Not only are we recognizing military servicemen and women, but those on the Home Front who contributed as well.  The Tribute Gallery is viewable on our website and at the center.  Click here to learn how you can submit a name for the gallery.

Living Historians

   We have volunteers that can serve as living history interpreters or "decoration" for your war-time themed event.  Our volunteers dress as American GI's, Air Corps pilots, WACs (Women's Army Corps), Rosie the Riveter and civilians in proper 1940's attire.  Our volunteers have participated in fundraisers, parades, movie openings and other special events.

Outreach Programs

    We take the museum to the people by offering programs for civic organizations, schools and public events.  We can offer a limited number of living historians who can speak about a specific World War II topic.  Or we would be happy to speak to your organization about the World War II History Center.  Click here to schedule a program for your organization.

Educational Programs

Click here to learn more about our past programs and how to schedule one for your organization

   "Educate" is in our motto, and is one of our main reasons for existence.  We can offer programs that meet state education standards and that are suited to meet your needs.

Oral History Collection

   An oral history is a recorded personal history given by someone who experienced a particular event.  We believe that oral histories are one of the most valuable forms of historical record because they are from the perspective of someone who was there.  Though sometimes memories may fade, and facts may be distorted, they still provide a unique insight into events that history books simply can't capture.  Our collection is available on computer for visitors to listen to.

The "PX" Gift Shop

Click here to view items for sale in our Gift Shop

   What would a museum be without a gift shop to annoy parents into buying things for their children?  Ours offers many items related to World War II like hat pins, music, books, collectibles and toys.  It also offers World War II History Center merchandise as well as many generically patriotic items.

World War II Movie Rentals

Click here to view the list of titles we have available at the PX Gift Shop

    Check out our collection of World War II movies and documentaries.  We have over 120 titles to choose from and the collection is growing.

World War II Movie Night

    We are now showing World War II-related movies at the World War II History Center.  On the second Friday of every month at 7:00pm, we will show one of hundreds of movies made about the war, or during the war.  Admission is free and reservations are suggested, as the theater only seats 42 people.  We have an eight foot wide screen, a digital projector, and 5.1 channel surround sound which gives that "theater" feel.  Click here to see a schedule of upcoming features.

Special Guest Speakers

    We also host special guest speakers including veterans, book authors and historians.  Special programs can be given to your group all at our location.  We have PowerPoint presentation capability with our digital projector and eight foot wide screen set up above and behind the speaker's location.  We also have surround sound available for microphone use or special documentary presentations.

The attractions and services listed above are what are currently available at the World War II History Center.  However, we have much bigger plans for our future, including offering the country's only World War II battlefield where visitors can watch battle reenactments, take walking tours to gain the perspective of their forefathers, and take riding tours on vintage WWII vehicles.  Click here to learn more about our long term goals.


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