World War II Movie Night

at the World War II History Center


    Every month, the World War II History Center features "World War II Movie Night" at the Center at 4pm on Saturday.  Movies were a big part of life during World War II and we want to continue that tradition.  This regular event will feature a World War II era or themed movie and will include such classics as Patton, The Longest Day and Tora! Tora! Tora! as well as newer releases like Saving Private Ryan and The Great Raid.  Admission to the movie night is free but donations are accepted and appreciated.  Dates and show times will be posted on our Events Calendar.  We will adhere to all MPAA movie ratings and will not allow minors to view movies above their age rating without explicit parental permission.

    In order to follow all copyright restrictions, a brief historical background will be provided regarding each film prior to showing.  Questions regarding the film's historical accuracy and its significance regarding World War II can be answered following the showing.

    Our theater seats 35 people so reservations are recommended, but are not necessary.  Those who hope to catch a movie at the last minute will be able to get seats within 5 minutes of the movie's start time in case reserved seat patrons do not show up.  Our theater has an eight foot wide screen, a digital projector, and 5.1 channel surround sound which provides that "theater" feel to movies at the World War II History Center.

    If your civic organization, family or other group would like to have a private movie screening, this can be arranged.  Contact us for details.

If you would like to be updated about movie showings by e-mail, click here.

Refer to our Events Calendar page for movie night dates and times.