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The World War II History Center is still a work in progress, but we have many exhibits already completed, and more on the way.   

Special Exhibits

On occasion, we will feature special collections or items on loan from other museums or individuals.

From April 27th through June 12th, 2010 we featured two items from the Wichita-Sedgwick County Historical Museum in Wichita, KS.  The first item is a section of B-29 metal skin signed by General Henry "Hap" Arnold, donated to the museum by the Boeing Company.  The second item is a safety window for the tail gun position of a B-29 shot up by a Japanese fighter.  This item was sent to the Boeing Company by Major General Curtis LeMay.

Section of B-29 Metal Skin

General Henry "Hap" Arnold Signed B-29 Skin

Safety Window from Tail Gunner of B-29


Reception Room Rotating Exhibit

As you enter the World War II History Center, one of the first things you see is our Reception Room Rotating Exhibit.  This exhibit is changed or updated once every few months.  Passersby can usually view the exhibit from the sidewalk outside the Center.  The exhibit features larger museum collections, collections on loan, or special short-term exhibits.

Reception Room Rotating Exhibit

This exhibit features a collection of prints from the U.S. Army Center of Military History, 50th Anniversary of World War II collection.


Recent Additions to Our Collection

This rotating exhibit will be changed as we receive new and interesting additions to our collection.  Each item includes the name of the donor and where they are from.

Recent Additions to Collection

World War II From "A" to "Z"

This permanent exhibit features a wide range of items from our collection covering topics from weapons to uniforms.  Subjects within the exhibit will be changed as new items are added to the collection and as the staff has time to change them.  Below are a few examples from the exhibit.

Arisaka:  A collection of Japanese rifles of the Arisaka design.

Arisaka Rifles

Bazooka:  An M1A1 Bazooka and rocket.


U-Boat:  A model of the U-203.

U-Boat U-203

Women Marines:  A Woman Marine uniform.

Women Marines


World War II Timeline

This permanent exhibit represents a timeline of key events before, during and after World War II.  The timeline includes photos, maps and biographical information on important people.

WWII Timeline

Flags of the Combatant Nations of World War II

This permanent exhibit includes all of the national flags of every combatant nation that participated in World War II.  The exhibit includes a guide that visitors can carry with them to understand which flag belongs to which country, and also includes casualty statistics and general information.

Flag Exhibit

The News During World War II

This semi-permanent exhibit allows visitors to listen to radio broadcasts originally aired during the war years as Americans did at home, by sitting in front of their family radio.  This exhibit features a 1940 Zenith radio console in excellent condition.

1940 Zenity Radio Console

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