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Long Term Goals of the

WWII History Center Foundation

Goals of the WWII History Center

    The World War II History Center Foundation was established for the purpose of building and operating a regional-level museum and research library dedicated to World War II.  At this time, the World War II History Center, located in El Dorado, Kansas offers a wide range of services and attractions both at its location and through its website.  However, the potential for this organization will not be fully realized until it has built its own full-scale, permanent facility on at least 40 acres of land. 

Battlefield Reenactments and Tours

One of our most unique attractions will be our full-scale European Theater battlefield, complete with bunkers, trenches, a village, and other details unique to World War II.  Regular reenactments will be held on the battlefield, and tours will be given providing a first-person perspective of what soldiers faced during the war.

WWII Battlefield    WWII Village

Below is a collection of computer renderings of what the battlefield will look like.  Thanks goes to Erik Runge for working up the renderings.

Birdseye View of WWII Village   

 Aerial Over WWII Village

   View of WWII Battlefield from Box Seats

From River to WWII Village

Ground Level View of WWII Battlefield

Vehicle Restoration

   The restoration area will show the process of restoring a vehicle to its original condition.  One of the unique things about World War II is the number of types of military vehicles that various countries fielded.  What better way to learn about these vehicles than to see them moving around under their own power?

Military Vehicle Rides

   Have you ever wanted the opportunity to ride in a jeep, a halftrack, or even a tank?  Visitors will get that chance, and they will even ride over our own battlefield to get another unique perspective of what soldiers who fought from vehicles experienced.

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