British Military Personnel That Served in WWII

Last Name Beginning With (C)

Updated 05/19/10

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Name                                Unit(s)/Ship(s)                                                                     Resource #

Cain, R. H.                                   B Company, South Staffordshire Regiment, 1st Airborne Division               39

Cain, T. J.                                    HMS Electra                                                                                              320

Caldwell, Alan                              5th Battalion, Wiltshire Regiment, 43rd Wessex Division                             417

Calvert, Alfred                              8th Hussars                                                                                                438

Calvert, Mike "Mad"                    77th Brigade, Chindits                                                                                52; 256; 309; 326

Cameron, Doug                            No. 401 Squadron, Royal Air Force                                                          353

Campbell, Bruce                           A Company, 1st Rifle Brigade                                                                    438

Campbell, Don                             No. 438 Squadron, Royal Air Force                                                          353

Campbell, I.                                 Crete Defense Force                                                                                  282

Cannell, Walter                             No. 22 Aircrew Handling Unit, Royal Air Force                                         366

Caple, C.C. "Capable"                 "Dam Busters", Royal Air Force                                                                  737

Capon, Sid                                   6th Airborne Division                                                                                 384

Carpendale                                   28th Brigade, 11th Indian Division                                                              275

Carr, Arthur                                  4th County of London Yeomanry, 7th Armoured Division                           438

Carton de Wiart, Sir Adrian          Army                                                                                                         736

Cass                                             11th Infantry Brigade                                                                                 382

Cass, E. E. E.                               8th Brigade                                                                                                384

Cattell, Albert                               Royal Navy Commandos                                                                           69

Chamier                                        No. 62 Chemical Warfare Company                                                          444

Chandler, G. E.                            No. 264 Squadron, Royal Air Force                                                           541

Chappell, B. H.                            Crete Defense Force                                                                                  282

Chatterton, George                       Glider Pilot Regiment                                                                                 482

Cheshire, Leonard                        Royal Air Force                                                                                         299; 737

Chesters, Peter                             No. 74 Squadron, Royal Air Force                                                            85

Christison, A. F. P.                       XV Corps, Fourteenth Army                                                                     199

Christie, G. P.                              No. 66 Squadron Royal Air Force                                                              736

Churchill, Jack M. T. F.                Manchester Regiment; No. 2 Commando                                                   309

Churchill, W. M.                          No. 71 Eagle Squadron, Royal Air Force                                                    425

Churchill, Walter                          Royal Air Force                                                                                          736

Clark, Henry                                E Commando, Royal Navy Commandos                                                     69

Clarke, W.S.                                34th Tank Brigade                                                                                     530

Clarke, "Nobby"                          Royal Air Force                                                                                         736

Clements, Richard G. "Clem"        5th Battalion, Wiltshire Regiment, 43rd Wessex Division                             417

Close, Bill                                    A Squadron, 3rd Royal Tank Regiment, 11th Armoured Division                 234; 281

Clubley, George                           No. 137 Squadron, Royal Air Force                                                           353

Cochrane, Sir Ralph                     Royal Air Force                                                                                          737

Coleman, C. F. C.                        160th Brigade, 53rd Welsch Division                                                          49

Colley, James                               No. 4 Commando                                                                                       384

Collins, Jack                                 HMS Quality                                                                                              261

Commerford, Len                         Royal Air Force                                                                                         353

Commings, J. C.                           1st Battalion, South Staffordshire Regiment, 1st Airborne Division               39

Coningham, Sir Arthur "Maori"     Second Tactical Air Force                                                                          125; 353; 557

Corken, Ernest                             Royal Air Force                                                                                          736

Courtney, C. P.                            British Commandos                                                                                     468

Cowan, David "Punch"                 17th Indian Division                                                                                     275; 410

Cowerson, Lt.                              British Commandos                                                                                     839

Cox, Arthur                                 No. 158 Squadron, Royal Air Force                                                            364

Cox, Fred                                    300 Air Intelligence Section                                                                         462

Cox, W. E.                                  No. 264 Squadron, Royal Air Force                                                            541

Crabb, Donald W.                       Royal Air Force                                                                                          893

Crocker, John                              I Corps                                                                                                       234; 281

Crook, D. M.                               No. 609 Squadron, Royal Air Force                                                           736

Cross, K. B.                                 No. 406 Squadron, Royal Air Force                                                           736

Crowest, Peter                             No. 424 RAF Rearming and Refueling Unit                                                 353

Crowley-Milling, Denis                 No. 92 Squadron, Royal Air Force                                                             85

Cunningham, Alan                        Eighth Army                                                                                                347

Cunningham, Andrew B.               Mediterranean Fleet, Royal Navy                                                                11; 102; 372; 537

Cunningham, John                        Royal Air Force                                                                                           736

Currie, J. C.                                 British Army                                                                                                372

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