British Military Personnel That Served in WWII

Last Name Beginning With (G)

Updated 06/09/10

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Name                            Unit(s)                                                                        Resource #

Gale, John                               1st South Lancashire Regiment                                                         384

Gale, Richard                          1st Airborne Corps                                                                          893

Gale, Richard N.                     6th Airborne Division                                                                       316; 384

Gardner, Donald                     47th Royal Marine Commandos                                                        384

Garland, Donald E.                  Royal Air Force                                                                               736

Garnett, Ian                             HMS Swiftsure                                                                                261

Gregory, Sam                          N Commando, Royal Navy Commandos                                         69

Gibbons, "Gibby"                    No. 168 Squadron, Royal Air Force                                                353

Gibbs, Pat                               Royal Air Force, Malta                                                                    288

Gibson, Guy Penrose               No. 29 Squadron, Royal Air Force                                                  736; 737

Gilchrist, David                        A Company, South Staffordshire Regiment, 1st Airborne Division    39

Gillam, Denys                          No. 146 Wing, Royal Air Force                                                       353

Gilmour, R.S.                          No. 15 Squadron, Royal Air Force                                                   737

Gilpen, George                        No. 61 Squadron, Royal Air Force                                                   737

Godfrey, John                         Admiral, Royal Navy Intelligence                                                      617

Gordon, D. C. "Chunky"         No. 442 Squadron, Royal Air Force                                                 353

Gordon, Desmond                   1/7 Queen's                                                                                     438

Gore, Adrian C.                       26th Armoured Brigade                                                                   382; 540

Gorman, John                          2nd Armoured Irish Guards, Guards Armoured Division                   234

Gort, John Standish V.             British Expeditionary Force                                                              272

Gough, Freddie                        Reconnaissance Squadron, 1st Parachute Brigade, 1st Air. Div.        460

Goulburn, Edward H.              1st Grenadier Guards, Guards Armored Division                               255; 482

Graham                                    C Company, 3rd Battalion, Para. Regt., 1st Para. Brig., 1st Air. D.  460

Graham, R.                              Royal Air Force                                                                               737

Gray, Bill                                 6th Airborne Division                                                                       384

Gray, Thomas                          Royal Air Force                                                                               736

Green, Edward                        424th RAF Rearming and Refueling Unit                                          353

Green, S.                                "Dam Busters", Royal Air Force                                                        737

Greenhalgh, F. D.                    No. 264 Squadron, Royal Air Force                                                541

Greenhous, P. E. J.                  No. 264 Squadron, Royal Air Force                                                541

Gregory, W. J.                        Royal Air Force                                                                               736

Griffen, A.                               No. 51 Squadron, Royal Air Force                                                  736

Grice, Richard                         Royal Air Force                                                                               85; 736

Grice, W. H.                           Calcutta Light Horse                                                                         285

Grieg, William                          British POW                                                                                    538

Grier, Charlie                           1st Parachute Squadron, Royal Engineers                                         460

Grove, Jock                             300 Air Intelligence Liaison Section                                                  462

Groves, Thomas                      Royal Engineers                                                                                365

Gueran, Sid                             1st Parachute Squadron, Royal Engineers                                          460

Guiness, Alec                           Royal Navy                                                                                      465

Guterman, J.                            "Dam Busters", Royal Air Force                                                        737

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