British Military Personnel That Served in WWII

Last Name Beginning With (H)

Updated 07/07/10

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Name                              Unit(s)/Ship(s)                                                                    Resource #

Haines                                       West Kents                                                                                              256

Halfhid, Owen                           Royal Air Force                                                                                        353

Halton-Harrup, Leslie                No. 56 Squadron, Royal Air Force                                                           85

Harling, Dave                            No. 416 Squadron, Royal Air Force                                                         353

Harmon, John                            West Kents                                                                                              256

Harris, Sir Arthur "Tedder"        Air Chief Marshal, Royal Air Force                                                           364; 533; 736; 737; 765; 845

Harrison, Rex                            N/A                                                                                                         465

Harvey, Ken                              E Commando, Royal Navy Commandos                                                  69

Hastings, Doug                          No. 74 Squadron, Royal Air Force                                                          85

Hastings, Robin                         6th Battalion, Green Howards, 50th Infantry Division                                531

Hat, John                                   B Squadron, 4th County of London Yeomanry, 7th Armoured Division    438

Hatfield, J.E.                             No. 264 Squadron, Royal Air Force                                                         541

Hawkesworth, J.L.T. "Ginger"   46th "Oak Tree" Division                                                                          594

Hawkins, Pat                            6th Airborne Division                                                                                384

Hay, R. C.                                Royal Marines                                                                                          261

Hazelwood, Bill "Twiggy"          1st Parachute Squadron, Royal Engineers                                                  460

Headley, Bob                            Eighth Army                                                                                             424

Heath, Lewis Macclesfield        3rd Indian Corps                                                                                       275

Heathcote, Keith                       XXX Corps                                                                                             176

Hedges, Roy                             B Squadron, 4th County of London Yeomanry, 7th Armoured Division     438

Heenan, Patrick Vaughn            British Army                                                                                             275; 462

Hempstock, Don R.                  No. 158 Squadron, Royal Air Force                                                         364

Henderson, Elspeth                   WAAF                                                                                                    736

Hendy, Arthur                           1st Parachute Squadron, Royal Engineers                                                 460

Hibburt, Peter                           C Company, 3rd Battalion, Para. Regt., 1st Para. Brig., 1st Air. Div.         460

Hicks, P. H. W.                        1st Airlanding Brigade, 1st Airborne Division                                            39; 316

Hill, Gordon                              No. 416 Squadron, RAF                                                                          353

Hillary, Richard                         No. 603 Squadron, Royal Air Force                                                         400; 736

Hilton, William                          RMS Queen Mary                                                                                    760

Hobart, Percy                          79th Armoured Division                                                                             530

Hobson, Pat                             7th Indian Division                                                                                    199

Hodges, James                         X-23                                                                                                        384

Holland, Lancelot                     Royal Navy                                                                                               320

Hollis, Stanley Elton                  D Company, 6th Battalion, Green Howards, 50th Infantry Division;            384; 531

                                                4th Battalion, Green Howards, 50th Infantry Division

Holloway, Gerald                     4th County of London Yeomanry, 7th Armoured Division                           438

Holmes, Ray T.                        No. 504 Squadron, Royal Air Force                                                          736

Honour, George                       X-23                                                                                                         384

Honour, Naomi Coles              WREN                                                                                                      384

Hope, Archibald                       No. 601 Squadron, Royal Air Force                                                         242

Hopgood, John V.                    "Dam Busters", Royal Air Force                                                                737

Hopkinson, G. F.                     British 1st Airborne                                                                                    893

Horrocks, Brian Gwynne          New Zealand Corps; XXX Corps                                                            63; 128; 255; 316; 392; 482; 498; 557; 568; 893

Horsley, Norman                     Royal Air Force                                                                                        737

Horton, Max                            Commander in Chief, Western Approaches, Royal Navy                           291

Howard, John                          6th Airborne Division                                                                                384

Howarth, Gilbert                      Royal Air Force                                                                                        364

Hull, Caesar B.                          No. 263 Squadron Royal Air Force                                                         736

Humberstone, Henry                224th Para Field Ambulance, 6th Airborne Division                                   384

Humphreys, John                      1st Airborne Division                                                                                460

Humphries, H.R.                       "Dam Busters", Royal Air Force                                                               737

Hunter, Philip                            No. 264 Squadron, Royal Air Force                                                        541

Hutchinson, R.G.                      "Dam Busters", Royal Air Force                                                                737

Hutley, John                             6th Airborne Division                                                                                384

Hynes, Keith F.                        No. 109 Squadron, Royal Air Force                                                         541

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