British Military Personnel That Served in WWII

Last Name Beginning With (K)

Updated 12/22/09

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Name                                           Unit(s)                                                                                           Resource #

Kain, Cobber                                 No. 73 Squadron, Royal Air Force                                                   765

Kay, Desomond                             No. 264 Squadron, Royal Air Force                                                 541

Keightley, Charles                           6th Armoured Division                                                                     540

Keller, Ron                                     No. 438 Squadron, Royal Air Force                                                 353

Kennard, Hugh                               No. 121 Squadron, Royal Air Force                                                 425

Kerr                                                Royal Navy                                                                                     444

Key, Billy                                        8th Indian Brigade, 11th Indian Division                                            275

King                                               West Kents                                                                                      256

King, C. K. "Banger"                      48th Royal Marine Commandos                                                       384

King, Frederick                              No. 264 Squadron, Royal Air Force                                                 541

King, Norris                                   Kingforce                                                                                         530

Kinloch, D. C.                                HMS Obedient                                                                                109

Kirkman, Sidney                             XIII Corps, Eighth Army                                                                 158

Knight, L.G.                                   "Dam Busters", Royal Air Force                                                       737

Knox, Brian                                    No. 73 Squadron Royal Air Force                                                   736

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