British Military Personnel That Served in WWII

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Updated 12/22/09


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Name                            Unit(s)/Ship(s)                                                             Resource #

Lamb, Charles                        Royal Navy                                                                                      367

Lane, T. B.                             A Company, South Staffordshire Regiment, 1st Airborne Division      39

Langmuir, Ken                        No. 421 Squadron, RAF                                                                  353

Large, Ron                             No. 138 Squadron, Royal Air Force                                                 353

Lathbury, Gerald W.              1st Parachute Brigade, 1st Airborne Division                                     39; 383; 460

Law, A. T.                             Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders                                                  312

Lay, W. O.                            6th Brigade, 11th Indian Division                                                       275

Laycock, Robert                    Special Service Brigade                                                                    839

Layton, Geoffrey                    Royal Navy                                                                                      275

Lea, G. H.                              South Staffordshire Regiment, 1st Airborne Division                          39

Leach, Geoffrey                      British Army                                                                                     384

Leatham, Sir Ralph                  Commander-in-Chief Plymouth, Royal Navy                                    440

Leathart, James A.                  No. 54 Squadron, Royal Air Force                                                  736

Lee, Christopher                     N/A                                                                                                 465

Leese, Oliver                          XXX Corps; Eighth Army                                                                158; 372; 594; 785

Leigh-Mallory, Trafford          No. 12 Group, Royal Air Force                                                        85; 242; 384; 736; 765

Lentaigne, Walter                   Chindits                                                                                            52

Lewis, Arthur                         4th Battalion, Welch Regiment, 160th Brigade, 53rd Welsch Div.       49

Lewis, R. Peter C. "Pongo"    C Company, 3rd Battalion, Para. Regt., 1st Para. Brig., 1st Air. Div.  460

Ley, Hugh                              25th Dragoons                                                                                  199

Lightfoot, Pete                        N Commando, Royal Navy Commandos                                          69

Lindsay, Doug                        No. 403 Squadron, Royal Air Force                                                 353

Livingstone, R. T.                   British Commandos                                                                           468

Lloyd, Desmond                    Svenner, Royal Navy                                                                         384

Lloyd, Hugh                           Royal Air Force, Malta                                                                      288; 765

Lockwood, Stan                    4th County of London Yeomanry, 7th Armoured Division                   438

Lofthouse, Ronald                  D Company, 6th Battalion, Green Howards, 50th Infantry Division     531

Lofts, K. T.                            Royal Air Force                                                                                384

Longmore, Arthur M.             Royal Air Force                                                                                 765

Lovat, Lord                           1st Special Service Brigade                                                                384

Love, Donald                         Royal Air Force                                                                                176

Lovett, "Lofty"                        North Staffordshires                                                                          629

Lucas, Lofty                           G Commando, Royal Navy Commandos                                           69

Lyke, John                             No. 268 Squadron, Royal Air Force                                                  353

Lydekker, Anthony                No. 263 Squadron, Royal Air Force                                                  736

Lyne, Lionel G.                      Royal Navy                                                                                        384

Lyon, Murray                        11th Indian Division                                                                             462

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