British Military Personnel That Served in WWII

Last Name Beginning With (W)

Updated 3/31/12

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Name                             Unit(s)/Ship(s)                                                                   Resource #

Wackett                                   British Army Film and Photo Unit                                                             540

Walker, Frederic John               HMS Stork; HMS Sterling                                                                      291; 930

Walker, H. T. C.                      Task Force 61                                                                                         399

Walker, John Timothy Ryder    Royal Navy                                                                                              291

Wannop, R. E.                         Royal Air Force                                                                                        765

Warburton-Lee, B. A. W.        2nd Destroyer Flotilla                                                                               322

Ward, Dudley                           4th Infantry Division                                                                                 158

Waterston, Robin M. "Bubble"  No. 603 Squadron, Royal Air Force                                                        400

Watson, "Doc"                         "Dam Busters", Royal Air Force                                                                737

Watt, Dougie                            A Company, 1st Rifle Brigade                                                                  438

Wavell, Sir Archibald                British Army                                                                                             62; 275; 347; 498; 737; 765

Wavell, Archie                          77th Brigade, Chindits                                                                              326

Webber, John                           Royal Navy                                                                                             384

Weir, Charles                            1st Airborne Division                                                                               460

Wellington                                 No. 62 Chemical Warfare Company                                                        444

Wells, Jack "Bladder"                300 Air Intelligence Liaison Section                                                          275; 462

Wells, Dennis                            4th County of London Yeomanry, 7th Armoured Division                         438

Wemyss, D. E. G.                     HMS Wild Goose; 2nd Escort Support Group                                         291

Weston, E. C.                           Crete Defense Force                                                                                282

Whetham, L.                             Air Disarmament Branch                                                                          436

White, A. J.                              British 1st Airborne                                                                                  893

Whitehorn, Derek                     F Commando, Royal Navy Commandos                                                   69

Whitehouse, Edward                 No. 264 Squadron, Royal Air Force                                                        541

Whiteley, John F. M. "Jock"      SHAEF HQ                                                                                            557

Whitmore, Garry                       Royal Air Force                                                                                       353

Whitworth, Charles                    Royal Air Force                                                                                      737

Whyte, Desmond "Doc"            111th Brigade, Chindits                                                                            52

Wickman, Norman                    No. 62 Chemical Warfare Company                                                        444

Wight, R. D. G.                         No. 213 Squadron, Royal Air Force                                                        736

Wilcox                                      77th Brigade, Chindits                                                                              326

Wilkes, John                             6th Airborne Division                                                                                384

Wilkinson                                  5th Battalion, Wiltshire Regiment, 43rd Wessex Division                           417

Williams, E. T.                           Twenty-first Army Group                                                                         557

Wilson, Andrew                        141st Battalion, Royal Armoured Corps                                                   49

Wilson, B. L. (Boy)                    21st Independent Parachute Company, British 1st Airborne Division        893

Wilson, Charles                         1st Hampshire Regiment                                                                           384

Wilson, Sir Henry H. (M.?)       British Army                                                                                             765; 839

Wilson, J. M. A.                       HMS Onslow                                                                                           109

Wilson, Kevin                           HMS Onslow                                                                                           109

Wilson, Len                              No. 442 "Caribou" Squadron, Royal Air Force                                          353

Wilson, Pete                             No. 438 Squadron, Royal Air Force                                                         353

Windrum, Anthony                    Pathfinders, 6th Airborne Division                                                             384

Wingate, Orde C.                     Chindits                                                                                                    33; 52; 326; 348; 410; 593; 758

Wither, Russel                          Royal Marine Commandos                                                                        384

Withers, L.                               1st Battalion, South Staffordshire Regiment, 1st Airborne Division              39

Wonnacott, Gordie                   No. 414 Typhoon Squadron, Royal Air Force                                          353

Woolley, John                           British Navy                                                                                             333

Woolridge, Ken                        C Company, South Staffordshire Regiment, 1st Airborne Division              39

Wright, James                           A Company, 1st Rifle Brigade                                                                   438

Wright, P. R. T.                        C Company, South Staffordshire Regiment, 1st Airborne Division              39

Wright, Stanley                         HMS Queen Mary                                                                                    760

Wright, Leonard William           C Company, 3rd Battalion, Para. Regt., 1st Para. Brig., 1st Air. Div.         460

Wyatt, Peter                             HMS Onslow                                                                                           109

Wyss, E. M.                             D Company, South Staffordshire Regiment, 1st Airborne Division              39

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