British Military Units That Served in WWII

Name Beginning With (2)

Updated 11/24/10

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Name                                                                                                             Resource #

2nd Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders                                                               275

2nd Armoured Grenadier Guards                                                                       234

2nd Armoured Irish Guards, Guards Armoured Division                                     234

2nd Battalion, 5th Leicester Regiment, 6th Armoured Division                            305; 540

2nd Battalion, 5th Queen's Regiment, 169th "Queen's" Brigade, 56th Division     594

2nd Battalion, 6th Queen's Regiment, 169th "Queen's" Brigade, 56th Division     594

2nd Battalion, 7th Queen's Regiment, 169th "Queen's" Brigade, 56th Division     594

2nd Battalion, Grenadier Guards                                                                        255

2nd Battalion, King's Own (Liverpool) Regiment, 111th Brigade, Chindits           52

2nd Battalion, King's Own Scottish Borderers                                                     199

2nd Battalion, Monmouthshire Regiment, 160th Brigade, 53rd Welsch Div.          49

2nd Battalion, Parachute Regiment, 1st Parachute Brigade, 1st Airborne Div.       460

2nd Battalion, Royal Irish Fusiliers                                                                       311

2nd Battalion, Royal Norfolks                                                                             256

2nd Battalion, Welsh Guards                                                                               531

2nd Battalion, West Yorkshire Regiment                                                             199

2nd Cameronians, 13th Brigade, 5th Infantry Division                                          594

2nd Chemical Mortar Battalion                                                                           893

2nd Commandos                                                                                                839

2nd Company, 4th Machine Gun Battalion                                                           275

2nd Destroyer Flotilla                                                                                          322

2nd East Surreys                                                                                                 275

2nd East York Regiment                                                                                     384

2nd Fife and Forfar Yeomanry, 11th Armoured Division                                      234

2nd Gordons                                                                                                      275

2nd Guards Brigade                                                                                            629

2nd Hampshires                                                                                                  540; 594

2nd Independent Parachute Brigade                                                                    893

2nd Infantry Division                                                                                           256; 410

2nd Irish Guards                                                                                                 482

2nd Lothians                                                                                                       540

2nd Northamptonshire Yeomanry Reconnaissance Regiment                                234

2nd Royal Scots Fusiliers                                                                                    594

2nd South Lancashire Regiment                                                                          410

2nd Support Group                                                                                            291

2nd West Yorkshire Regiment                                                                            199; 256

21st Independent Parachute Company                                                                893

21st Lancers                                                                                                      540

22nd Armoured Brigade                                                                                     482

22nd Brigade, 7th Armoured Division                                                                  234; 281

23rd Armoured Brigade                                                                                      372

23rd Hussars, 11th Armoured Division                                                                234

23rd Mechanized Brigade                                                                                   482

24th Guards Brigade                                                                                          629

25th Destroyer Flotilla                                                                                        261

25th Dragoons                                                                                                   199

25th Infantry Brigade                                                                                          482

25th Tank Brigade                                                                                             158

26th Armoured Brigade, 6th Armoured Division                                                 305; 382; 540; 727

26th Destroyer Flotilla                                                                                        399

27th Destroyer Flotilla                                                                                        261

28th Mobile Disarmament Unit                                                                           436

29th Armoured Brigade, 11th Armoured Division                                               59; 234; 281; 557; 845

201st Guards Brigade                                                                                        594

214th Brigade, 43rd Wessex Division                                                                 417

224th Para Field Ambulance, 6th Airborne Division                                            384

282nd Company, Royal Engineers                                                                      49

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