British Naval Vessels That Served in WWII

Name Beginning With (C)

Updated 4/21/09

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Name                                    Ship Type                                            Resource #

Canberra                                 Heavy Cruiser                                            357

Capetown                                Cruiser                                                      357

Ceylon                                     Cruiser                                                      261

Charybdis                                Cruiser                                                      440

Cheshire                                  Troop Transport                                        557

Clyde                                       Submarine                                                 736

Convolulus                               Corvette                                                    291

Cornwall                                  Heavy Cruiser                                            336; 399

Cossack                                   Destroyer                                                  259; 274;736

Courageous                              Aircraft Carrier                                          67

Curacao                                   Cruiser                                                      146; 760

Cygnet                                     Sloop                                                         291


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