Canadian Military Personnel That Served in WWII

Name Beginning With (B)

Updated 05/12/10

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Name                                        Unit(s)                                                                                                Resource #

Baggs, Bill                                    No. 35 Reconnaissance Wing, Royal Air Force                                      353

Balmer, D. H.                               Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF)                                                        893

Bathurst, Al                                  No. 126 Spitfire Wing, RCAF                                                               353

Bazley, Reginald                           No. 439 Squadron, Royal Canadian Air Force                                       353

Beurling, George "Screwball"        Royal Air Force, Malta                                                                          288

Birchall, Leonard                          No. 413 Squadron, Royal Canadian Air Force; No. 5 Bomber Recon    207

                                                    Squadron, Royal Air Force

Boon, Arthur Henry                      3rd Infantry Division                                                                               384

Bromfield, George                        No. 143 Wing, RCAF                                                                            353

Brown, L. O.                               84th Fighter Group, RCAF                                                                     353


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