Canadian Military Units That Served in WWII

Name Beginning With (1)

Updated 05/12/10

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Name                                                                                Resource #

1st Armored Personnel Carrier Regiment                                                  81

1st Canadian Hussars                                                                               568

1st Infantry Division                                                                                 158; 372; 568, 831; 839

1st Parachute Battalion                                                                            384

1st Parachute Brigade, 6th British Airborne Division                                 187

1st Special Service Force "Devil's Brigade"                                              100; 267; 423; 436; 447; 482; 785; 831; 839; 893

1st Tank Brigade                                                                                     158

10th Destroyer Flotilla                                                                             122

13th Royal Canadian Infantry Brigade                                                      447

14th Tank Battalion                                                                                 312

123rd Light Aid Detachment, 1st Can. Armored Pers. Carrier Regt.         81

157th Brigade Workshop, 1st Canadian Armored Pers. Carrier Regt.       81

157th Signal Troop, 1st Canadian Armored Personnel Carrier Regt.         81

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