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Dear Allen,

     Thank you very, very much for your quick answer and the photo. I would be grateful if I could get a copy of the entire article too. From what I know it seems Ed Beneturski was cousin of my grandfather but they never met. I also know, Ed Beneturski died in 1981 which means he survived the war.

Once more, thank you very much, especially that tomorrow I'm visiting my grandfather and I will be able to provide him with some more information about our family.

 Anna Beneturska

Wielowies, Poland (near Poznan)


31 December 2006


Richard A. Pfarrer, Maj, USAF (ret)


Mr. Allen R. Cooley


I wish to thank you for your very quick response to my inquiry about reference sources for the 423rd Bombardment Sqdn of the 306th Bombardment Group. My uncle, who is interned at the American Cemetery in St Avold France, died while on the daylight bombing mission over Schweinfurt on 14 Oct 1943. I have visited his grave at least nine times while stationed in Europe.


Your suggestions on where to look took me quickly to the definitive source; FIRST OVER GERMANY by Russell A Strong, who also published a Combat Diary for each of the four squadrons in the 306th BG. I was astounded to learn that this Group was the inspiration for the movie and subsequent TV show “12 o’clock High” and that two Medals of Honor where awarded to crew members of the 306th in 1943.


Your assistance has greatly aided my personal version about “The Greatest Generation” in conjunction with my genealogical research.

So far, I have uncovered literally dozens of relatives with military service since the Revolutionary War.


Doubtlessly, I will be calling upon you for assistance in the future. I applaud your dedication to documenting the sacrifices these veterans made to keep our democracy alive. I hope that others will join me in supporting your mission to preserve the memory of these great patriots.




Richard A Pfarrer


Joined by my brother, Mark D. Pfarrer, LCdr, USN (ret)

           Sister-in-law Jill Donahue Reid, Cmdr, USN (ret)

           Brother-in-law, John E Reid, Lt Col, USAF (ret)


Dear  Mr. Cooley,

Thank you very much for the information you have made available to me regarding my father.  I have since contacted Harry Yeide and he has contacted me back.  He may have some of the unit records I have been seeking.  I am very excited about this!  I wondered if you had any more information concerning the 741st tank battalion, Co A?  Though finding the information in Mr. Yeide's book was extraordinary. My father is convinced he is the Sgt. Larsen in the story told by Staff Sergeant Fair.  It all fits with everything he has told me and it is so wonderful to see it in print as told by another who was there also.  Now, if I can just get a hold of some of those rosters and records regarding commendations and awards issued!   It is a major goal of mine to try to accomplish getting his records in order and medals all replaced while I still have my father with me.  Will my father's name now be listed on your site as one of "those who served"? 

I visited some family last month and my aunt gave me three letters my father had written to my grandmother while in England and Belgium in 1944 and 1945. It was so wonderful to receive them!  I cannot put into words how much this information means to me, it means a lot to my father as well.  He didn't realize the info was incomplete until I got interested in it a few years ago. Thank God for the internet!

Much gratitude,

Rebecca L. Johnson 

P.S. I am attaching a couple of pictures I have on hand, forgive me if I have sent them prior, I have sent them to a couple of people.  Thought you would find them of interest.



Mr. Cooley, Thank you very much for the information and pictures. These are beyond my expectations. This research is a personal quest with me as I am proudly named after him. He was my mother's brother. Can you help me understand the following? I am more than willing to pay the fee.

On his discharge papers under the section of "Decorations and Citations" is says: (I am typing this as written.)

Good Conduct Medal  Philippines Liberation Rib w/2 Br Stars  American Thr Ser Med  AS-Pac Thr Ser w/2 Br Stars  Victory Medal Arrowhead

                                                                                                                    Sincerely, Bud



Mr. Cooley - Many thanks for your email and for the invaluable information contained therein. I will make every attempt to obtain a copy of the book you suggest, which should be a boon to my research. I can't thank you enough for your time and trouble on my behalf. The Battle of the Bulge will be no small thing to research. However, having concentrated the past 20 years on the Battle of Waterloo, I'm confident that I'll be able to make a start. I now have a starting point for the 755th thanks to you.

All the Best - Kristine Hughes



Mr. Cooley,
Thank you so much for your 10/19/11 EM received this morning (just returned from overseas last night). Actually, it explains a lot as to why my father served with so many different units while in Europe. I also appreciate your follow-up advice and wish you well with all you continued efforts on behalf of friends and family of WWII veterans.
Bruce R. Keyes
Northport, NY



Fantastic.  I thank you for this information.  I'll follow up.  Well worth the money.  :D

Susan Semenick


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