French Military Personnel That Served in WWII

Name Beginning With (B)

Updated 05/13/10

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Name                             Unit(s)                                                                                      Resource #

Bacque                                    Colonel, 3rd Algerian Division                                                                           594

Barbier, Gustave                      French Resistance                                                                                             893

Barillet, Albert                         French Resistance                                                                                              893

Barrault, Andre                        French Resistance                                                                                             893

Beaujouan, Henri                     French Resistance                                                                                             893

Bellier, Louis                            French Resistance                                                                                             893

Belsuze                                    Captain, 11th Company, 4th Tunisian Regiment, 3rd Algerian Division                594

Berne                                      Commandant, 2nd Battalion, 4th Tunisian Regiment, 3rd Algerian Division          594

Bever, Pierre Van                    French Resistance                                                                                              893

Bezault, Lucien                        French Resistance                                                                                              893

Billotte, Gaston                        French Army                                                                                                     272

Biron, Etienne                          French Resistance                                                                                              893

Blanchard, Jean-Georges M.    First Army                                                                                                        263; 272

Blanvillain, Roger                      French Underground                                                                                         893

Blin, Georges                            French Underground                                                                                         893

Blomaert, Baron Jean De         French Underground                                                                                          893

Boutin                                      Captain, 1st Battalion, 7th Algerian Regiment, 3rd Algerian Division                   594

Brown, John Marius                 No. 342 Squadron, No. 137 Wing, Royal Air Force                                         47

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