French Military Personnel That Served in WWII

Last Name Beginning With (D)

Updated 06/09/10

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Name                                Unit(s)/Ship(s)                                                                                           Resource #

Darlan, Jean Francis X.        French Navy; Commander-in-Chief Armed Forces, Vichy France                   468; 492; 540; 839; 893


Dauphin, Pierre                     French Resistance                                                                                         893                                                                                                        

de Gaulle, Charles                4th Armored Division; French Army                                                               272; 375; 423; 468; 492; 557; 601, 831

Demouliere, Emile                French Resistance                                                                                          893

Demouliere, Jeanne               French Resistance                                                                                         893

Denee                                  Captain, 9th Company, 3rd Batt., 4th Tunisian Regt., 3rd Algerian Division     594

de Tassigny, Jean de Lattre   II Corps                                                                                                        423

Dody, Andre                        2nd French Moroccan Division                                                                      594

Duneau, Gaston                    French Resistance                                                                                          893

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