French Military Personnel That Served in WWII

Last Name Beginning With (L)

Updated 07/14/10

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Name                             Unit(s)                                                                             Resource #


Lafontaine, Henri-Jean              French Army                                                                                         601

Lagarde                                    French Army                                                                                         40

Lake, Philippe d'Albert             French Resistance                                                                                  893

Lance, Daniel                            French Resistance                                                                                 893

Lanrezac, Charles                     French Army                                                                                         557

Lattre de Tassigny, Jean-

Marie de,                                  First Army French                                                                                  893

Leclerc, Jacques Philippe          2nd Armored Division                                                                            123; 174; 189; 335; 375; 664; 831

Lefeure, Henri                           French Resistance                                                                                  893

Lefevre, Mme. Henri                French Resistance                                                                                   893

Legeay, Eugene                        French Resistance                                                                                   893

Leoni                                        Captain, 2nd Battalion, 4th Tunisian Regiment, 3rd Algerian Division       594

Lhuillery, Armand                     French Resistance                                                                                   893

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