French Military Personnel That Served in WWII

Last Name Beginning With (M)

Updated 09/30/10

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Name                             Unit(s)                                                                           Resource #

Marolles, Charlette                    French Resistance                                                                              893

Martin, Rene                            4th Tunisian Regiment, 3rd Algerian Division                                        594

Mascias, Jeannette                    No. 342 Squadron, No. 137 Wing, Royal Air Force                           47

Mast, Charles                           XIX Corps                                                                                         468

Meret, Abel                              French Resistance                                                                               893

Meret, Jean                               French Resistance                                                                              893

Meret, Solange                         French Resistance                                                                               893

Meunier                                    Colonel, French Army Artillery                                                            540

Montfort, Sylvia                        French Resistance                                                                               893

Monsabert, Joseph de               3rd Algerian Division                                                                          594

Montlaur, Count Guy de            French Commandos                                                                           384

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