French Military Units That Served in WWII

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Updated 05/19/10

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Name                                                                                                                    Resource #

1st Armored Division                                                                                                375; 382

1st Battalion of the 40th North African Artillery Regiment, 2nd Armored Division       174

1st Chad Marching Regiment, 2nd Armored Division                                                 174

1st DCR                                                                                                                   263

1st Moroccan Spahi Marching Regiment, 2nd Armored Division                                174

1st Motorized Division                                                                                               263

11th Battalion of the 64th Artillery Regiment, 2nd Armored Division                           174

12th African Rifles Regiment, 2nd Armored Division                                                  174

12th Cuirassier Regiment, 2nd Armored Division                                                       174

13th Demi-Brigade, French Foreign Legion                                                               40

13th Engineers Battalion, 2nd Armored Division                                                        174

14th Regiment des Tirailleurs Tunisiens                                                                      40

15th Motorized Division                                                                                            263


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