German Military Personnel That Served in WWII

Last Name Beginning With (A)

Updated 05/12/10

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Name                                            Unit(s)                                                                           Resource #

Abendroth, Heinz                             Jagdgeschwader 77                                                           353

Abraham, Erich                                76th Infantry Division                                                         56, 650

Achille, Albrecht                              U-161                                                                               160

Ackermann, Walter                          10th Panzergrenadier Division                                            56

Ahlmann, Haas                                 11th Marine Division                                                         650

Aldinger, Hermann                           General Rommel's Aide                                                     414

Aldrian, Eduard                                88th Infantry Division; 95th Infantry Division                      650

Aldrian, Eduard                                373rd Infantry Division (Kroatisch)                                    651

Allmendinger, Karl                            5th Jager Division                                                              651

Almers, Kurt                                    135th Fortress Brigade                                                      292

Altpeter, Fritz                                   Jagdgeschwader 2                                                             353

Altrichter, Friedrich                          1st Infantry Division; 58th Infantry Division; 154th

                                                        Reserve/Infantry Division                                                  650

Anders, Carl                                    88th Infantry Division; 168th Infantry Division                   650

Andersen, Kurt                                23rd Flak Division                                                            651

Andre, Carl                                      7th Infantry Division; 206th Infantry Division                     650

Andreas, Maritz                               208th Infantry Division                                                      650

Ansat, John                                      102nd Infantry Division                                                     650

Anton, Werner                                 6th Flak Division                                                               651

Arndt, Edgar                                    158th Reserve Division                                                     650

Arndt, Edgar                                    708th Infantry Division, 708th Volksgrenadier Division        651

Arndt, Karl                                       293rd Infantry Division, 359th Infantry Division                  651

Arning, Karl                                     72nd Infantry Division; 75th Infantry Division                     650

Auftenberg-Komarow, Gustav

Adolph                                            285th Security Division                                                      650

Assman, Walter                               101st Jager Division                                                           651

Augsburger, Franz                           20th Waffen-Grenadier Division                                         355

Auleb, Helge                                    6th Infantry Division; 72nd Infantry Division; 290th

                                                       Infantry Division                                                                650

Auleb, Helge                                   444th Security Division                                                      651

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