German Military Personnel That Served in WWII

Last Name Beginning With (B)

Updated  11/24/10

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Name                                 Unit(s)/Ship(s)                                                                         Resource #

Baade, Ernst Gunther                    90th Panzergrenadier Division, 65th Infantry Division                                        594;650

Baade, Ernst Gunther                    Division Sicily                                                                                                  651

Bachhaibl                                      5th Company, 4th Panzer Regiment, 13th Panzer Division                                332

Babel, Ottomar                             15th Infantry Division                                                                                       650

Bacherar, Rudolf                           77th Infantry Division                                                                                       650

Bader, Robert                               304th Infantry Division, 97th Jager Division, 4th Mountain Division                   651

Bader, Rudolf                               134th Infantry Division                                                                                     650

Bader, Rudolf                               560th Volksgrenadier Division                                                                         651

Badinski, Kurt                               269th Infantry Division, 276th Infantry Division                                                650

Baentsch, Alfred                            82nd Infantry Division                                                                                     650

Baer, Karl                                      306th Infantry Division                                                                                    651

Baessler, Erich                               49th Infantry Division, 191st Reserve Division                                                 650

Baessler, Erich                               377th Infantry Division, 19th Luftwaffe Field Division                                      651

Baessler, Johannes                         242nd Infantry Division                                                                                   650

Baier, Albrecht                              102nd Infantry Division, 230th Infantry Division (Coastal Defense)                   650

Baier, Albrecht                              297th Infantry Division, 342nd Infantry Division                                                651

Bake, Franz                                  Heavy Panzer Regiment Bake; 6th Panzer Division                                           294; 446

Balck, Hermann                             XLVIII Panzer Corps; Army Group G                                                           406;527;557

Baltzer, Richard                             156th Reserve Division, 182nd Reserve Division, 217th Infantry Division         650

Bamler, Rudolf                              12th Infantry Division, 121st Infantry Division                                                  650   

Bar, Heinz                                    Jagdgeschwader 3                                                                                           353

Barbaender, Hans                         416th Infantry Division                                                                                    651

Barde, Konrad                             198th Infantry Division                                                                                     650

Barde, Konrad                             338th Infantry Division                                                                                     651

Barenthin, Walter                         2nd Fallschirmjager Division, 3rd Fallschirmjager Division, 20th                        651

                                                    Fallschirmjager Division, Parachute Replacement Training Division

Barkmann, Ernst                           4th Co., 2nd SS Panzer Regt., 2nd SS Panzer Division "Das Reich"                 107; 557

Barth, Otto                                   30th Infantry Division                                                                                      650

Barth, Otto                                    21st Luftwaffe Field Division                                                                          651

Barton, Gottfried                           203rd Replacement Brigade, 203rd Security Division                                      650

Bassenge, Gerhard                        19th Luftwaffe Field Division                                                                          651

Bauer, Paul                                   189th Reserve Division                                                                                   650

Baumann, Lt.                                1st Company, 502nd Heavy Panzer Battalion                                                  120

Baumbach, Werner                       VIII Air Corps                                                                                               325

Baur, Egon                                    30th Flak Division                                                                                          651

Baurmeister, Hans-Joachim           1st Infantry Division, 290th Infantry Division                                                    650

Baurmeister, Hans-Joachim            371st Infantry Division                                                                                    651

Bayer, Franz                                 331st Infantry Division                                                                                     651

Bayer, Dr. Franz                           44th "Hoch und Deutschmeister" Infantry Division                                            594

Bayer, Friedrich                            122nd Infantry Division, 153rd Field Training Division, 181st Infantry               650; 651

                                                     Division, 182nd Reserve Division, 217th Infantry Division, 281st Security

                                                     Division, 347th Infantry Division, 408th Replacement Division

Bayerlein, Fritz Hermann               III Panzer Corps; Panzer Lehr Division; Afrika Korps, Army,                          88; 208; 294; 375; 382; 408; 415; 540; 727

                                                     130th Panzer Lehr Division                                                                             557; 765, 831; 893

Bazing, Richard                             89th Infantry Division, 352nd Volksgrenadier Division                                     650; 651

Bechler, Helmuth                          85th Infantry Division, 275th Infantry Division                                                   650

Becker, Alfred                              200th Sturmgeschutze Battalion, Kampfgruppe Luck                                       234

Becker, Carl                                 253rd Infantry Division                                                                                    650

Becker, Carl                                2nd Luftwaffe Field Division                                                                             651

Becker, Felix                                561st Volksgrenadier Division, 164th Light Afrika Division                               651

Becker, Franz                               608th Special Purposes Division                                                                      651

Becker, Fritz                                 370th Infantry Division, 389th Infantry Division                                                651

Becker, Karl-Heinz                       3rd Fallschirmjager Division                                                                            651                       

Becker, Maximilian                        German Army                                                                                                 785

Beeren, Karl                                  280th Infantry Division (Coastal Defense)                                                        650

Behldorff, Hans                              34th Infantry Division                                                                                      650

Behr, Baron                                   200th Panzergrenadier Regiment                                                                     594

Behrend, Heinrich                          490th Replacement Division                                                                             651

Behrens, Wilhelm                          193rd Replacement Division                                                                             650

Behrens, Wilhelm                          328th Infantry Division, 413th Landesschutzen Division                                     651

Behschnitt, Walter                         15th Infantry Division, 166th Reserve Division, 254th Infantry Division              650

Beisswaenger, Hugo                      72nd Infantry Division                                                                                      650

Benneman, Helmutt                        Jagdgeschwader 53                                                                                        353

Benthack, George                         133rd Fortress Area (Crete)

Benz, Joachim                               HQ Battery, 62nd Reserve Anti-aircraft Division; 9th Antiaircraft Regiment;     595

                                                     5th Battery, 2nd Battalion, 3rd Artillery Regiment

Berg, Martin                                  201st Security Division                                                                                   650

Berg, Martin                                  1st Ski Jager Division                                                                                     651

Bergen, Hans                                 299th Infantry Division, 323rd Infantry Division, 390th Field Training Division,651

                                                      390th Security Division, 476th Replacement Division, 526th Replacement


Bergener, Joachim                          8th Jager Division                                                                                            651

Berger, Lother                               75th Infantry Division                                                                                      650

Bermann, Friedrich                        137th Infantry Division                                                                                    650 

Berlin, Wilhelm                              227th Infantry Division,58th Infantry Division, 227th Infantry Division              355; 650

Berner, Erhard-Heinrich                 76th Infantry Division                                                                                      650

Berold                                           German Luftwaffe                                                                                           436

Berthold, Gerhard                          31st Infantry Division                                                                                      650

Bertram, Oskar                              2nd Flak Division                                                                                        `  651

Betz, Paul                                      50th Infantry Division                                                                                      650

Betzel, Clemens                             539th Landesschutzen Division                                                                        651

Beukemann, Helmuth                     75th Infantry Division                                                                                      650

Beukemann, Helmuth                     539th Landesschutzen Division                                                                       651 

Beyer, Franz                                  LXXX Corps                                                                                                 557

Beyer, Franz                                  44th Infantry Division "Hoch und Deutschmeister"                                           650

Beyse, Friedrich                             21st Infantry Division                                                                                     650

Bibsiern, Karl                                Jagdgeschwader 6                                                                                          353

Bidermann, Gottlob                       132nd Infantry Division                                                                                   4; 120

Bieber, Martin                               Division Group 86, 271st Infantry Division/Volksgrenadier Division                 650

Biehler, Ernst                                 205th Infantry Division                                                                                   650

Bieler, Bruno                                 73rd Infantry Division                                                                                     650

Bielfeld, Peter                                181st Infantry Division                                                                                    650          

Bienk, Wilhelm                              12th Staffel, Lehrgeschwader 1                                                                       541

Billing, Gunter                                German Army                                                                                                197

Birzer, Fritz                                   SS                                                                                                                  252

Bittrich, Wilhelm "Willi"                 II SS Panzer Corps, Sixth SS Panzer Army                                                     59; 107; 255; 482; 557

Bix, Hermann                                4th Panzer Division                                                                                         4

Blaskowitz, Johannes                    Army Group G; Twenty-fifth Army                                                                  40; 267; 289; 382; 406; 415; 423; 765, 831

Blaurock, Edmund                        Corps Detachment D, 56th Volksgrenadier Division                                         650

Blaurock, Edmund                        Infantry Division Ulrich von Hutten (3rd RAD Division) 5th Jager Division        651

Bleckwenn, Wilhelm                     1st Marine Division                                                                                          650

Bleckwenn, Wilhelm                     708th Volksgrenadier Division                                                                         651

Bley, Paul                                     Luftwaffe                                                                                                        12

Bleyer, Eugen                                181st Infantry Division                                                                                    650

Block                                            352nd Infantry Division                                                                                   384

Block, Johannes                            294th Infantry Division                                                                                    241; 651

Bloemertz, Gunther                       Jagdgeschwader 26                                                                                        353

Blosche, Josef                              SS                                                                                                                  359

Blose, Hans                                  T-22                                                                                                               440

Bluemke, Friedrich                        257th Infantry Division                                                                                    650

Bluemm, Oskar                             57th Infantry Division                                                                                      650

Bluemm, Oskar                             407th Replacement Division                                                                            651 

Blumentritt, Gunther                      Chief of Staff, Army Group B                                                                          384; 664

Blumke, Friedrich                         257th Infantry Division                                                                                    56

Blumm, Oskar                              57th Infantry Division                                                                                      241

Bodenschatz, Karl                        Luftwaffe                                                                                                        313; 737

Boeckh-Behrens, Hans                 32nd Infantry Division                                                                                     650

Boege, Ehrenfried                         197th Infantry Division                                                                                    650

Boehlke, Helmuth                         334th Infantry Division                                                                                    651

Boehme, Franz                             30th Infantry Division, 32nd Infantry Division                                                   650

Boehme, Hermann                        73rd Infantry Division                                                                                      650

Boehme, Hermann                        370th Infantry Division                                                                                    651

Boelsen, Hans                               Special Administrative Division Staff 172                                                        650

Boelsen, Hans                               114th Jager Division                                                                                       651

Boemers, Hans                             65th Infantry Division                                                                                      650 

Boesch, Oscar                             Jagdgeschwader 3                                                                                           353

Boettcher, Hermann                      148th Reserve Division; 148th Infantry Division, 216th Infantry Division           650

Boettger, Karl                               221st Security Division                                                                                   650

Boettcher, Karl                             326th Infantry Division, 328th Infantry Division, 347th Infantry Division           651

Bohm                                           2nd Battalion, 902nd Panzergrenadier Regiment, Panzer Lehr Division             208

Bohm, Gerhardt                            Jagdgeschwader 11                                                                                        353

Bohme, Franz                               Commander-in-Chief, Norway                                                                        436

Bohmer, Heinz                              I Gruppe, Jagdgeschwader 1                                                                          353

Bohnstedt, Wilhelm                       32nd Infantry Division                                                                                     286; 650

Bollwerk, Helmet                         Jagdgeschwader 2                                                                                           353

Bolter, Hans                                 2nd Company, 502nd Heavy Panzer Battalion                                                 120

Bolze, Arthur                                154th Infantry Division                                                                                    650

Bolze, Rudolph                             1st Company, 905th Fortress Battalion                                                            292

Bonte, Friedrich                            Kriegsmarine                                                                                                  322

Bork, Max                                   47th Volksgrenadier Division                                                                           650

Borris, Karl                                  I Gruppe, Jagdgeschwader 26                                                                         353; 541

Borris, Karl                                  III Gruppe, Jagdgeschwader 54                                                                      353

Bottlander, Willi                            III Gruppe, Jagdgeschwader 54                                                                     353

Bornemann, Karl                          410th Landesschutzen Division, 442nd Landesschutzen Division                      651

Borowski, Heinrici                        704th Infantry Division                                                                                    651

Bornscheuer, Paul                         278th Infantry Division                                                                                    650

Botsch, Walter                              18th Volksgrenadier Division                                                                          650

Bourquin, Alexander                      114th Jager Division, 11th Luftwaffe Field Division                                         651

Boysen, Wolf                                168th Infantry Division                                                                                    650

Boysen, Wolf                                Field Replacement Division B                                                                          651

Brabaender, Hans                         270th Infantry Division (Coastal Defense)                                                        650

Brand, Albrecht                            311th Infantry Division                                                                                    651

Brand, Hermann                           3rd SS Mechanized Panzergrenadier Battalion                                                 250

Brandenberger, Erich                    Seventh Army; Nineteenth Army, Army                                                          87; 289; 487; 557; 893

Brandt, Friedrich-Wilhelm "Fritz"    78th Infantry Division                                                                                     650

Bratge, Willi                                 Combat Commander, Remagen bridge                                                            129

Brauer, Bruno                               Fallschirmjagers, 9th Fallschirmjagers Division                                                495; 651

Brauer, Johannes-Oskar               207th Special Purposes Division Staff                                                              650

Brauer, Johannes-Oskar               2nd East Prussian Grenadier Division, 562nd Grenadier Division, 562              651

                                                    Volksgrenadier Division

Braun, Georg                                68th Infantry Division                                                                                      650

Braun, Julius                                 4th Mountain Division (Gebirgsjager)                                                               651

Brechtel, Euger Franz                    335th Infantry Division                                                                                    651

Breith, Friedrich                            4th Mountain Division                                                                                     651

Breith, Hermann                            3rd Panzer Division; III Panzer Corps                                                             241; 294

Breithaupt, Fritz                            24th Minesweeper Flotilla                                                                               122

Breitner                                        82nd Infantry Battalion                                                                                    373

Breitweg, Helmut                          Luftwaffe                                                                                                        353

Brettschneider, Klaus                    5th Staffel, Jagdgeschwader 300                                                                     103

Breusing, Hero                              122nd Infantry Division                                                                                   355; 650

Britzelmayr, Karl                            19th Volksgrenadier Division                                                                          650

Brockmann                                    Jagdgeschwader 77                                                                                        489

Bruecker, Otto-Hermann               9th Infantry Division                                                                                        650

Bruecker, Otto-Hermann               552nd Grenadier Division                                                                               651

Bruehl, Ferdinand                          563rd Grenadier Division, 563rd Volksgrenadier Division, Fortress Division    651


Bruhn, Johannes                            553rd Grenadier Division                                                                                651

Bruns, Walter                                89th Infantry Division                                                                                      650

Buch                                             SS Kradschutzen Battalion, 2nd SS Panzer Division                                        258

Buch, Albert                                 198th Infantry Division                                                                                    650

Buelowius, Karl                            Division von Manteuffel                                                                                   651

Buercky, Heinrich                         159th Infantry Division                                                                                    650

Buetler, Otto                                340th Infantry Division                                                                                     651

Buffa, Ernst Joachim                     12th Flak Division, 21st Flak Division                                                              651

Buhligen, Kurt                               Jagdgeschwader 2                                                                                          28; 353

Bulowius, Karl                               Kampfgruppe DAK                                                                                       540

Bunse, Fritz                                   11th SS Pioneer Battalion                                                                              355

Burchard, Heinrich                        7th Flak Division                                                                                            651

Burdach, Karl                                11th Infantry Division, 251st Infantry Division, 309th Artillery Division           355; 650; 651

Burdack                                        12th SS Panzer Division                                                                                 250

Burgdorf, Wilhelm                         General Staff                                                                                                  190; 414

Busch, Ernst                                 Army Group Center; Sixteenth Army; Army Group North,                             277; 286; 289; 433; 527; 651                                       

Buschenhagen, Erich                     LII Corps                                                                                                       56

Buschenhagen, Erich                     15th Infantry Division                                                                                      650

Busich, Rudolf                              707th Infantry Division                                                                                    651

Busse                                            Eleventh Army                                                                                               325

Busse, Theodor                            121st Infantry Division                                                                                    650

Butze, Otto                                  340th Infantry Division                                                                                    651

Butzmann, Hermann                      5th Staffel, Jagdgeschwader 26                                                                       70

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