German Military Personnel That Served in WWII

Last Name Beginning With (C)

Updated 05/19/10

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Name                                Unit(s)                                                                  Resource #

Canaris, Wilhelm                          German Intelligence                                                                  177; 311; 384; 736

Carius                                          49th SS Regiment De Ruyter                                                    355

Carius, Otto                                 502nd Heavy Panzer Battalion                                                  120; 355

Carlau, Hans Hermann                 12th SS Gebirgsjager Regiment, 6th SS Mountain Division        183

Casper                                         Lt. General, 171st Reserve Division                                          650

Casper, Karl                                335th Infantry Division                                                              651

Castore, Helmut                           329th Infantry Division                                                              651

Castorf, Helmuth                          151st Reserve Division, 166th Replacement Division

                                                    172nd Reserve Division                                                            650

Chill, Kurt                                    122nd Infantry Division                                                             286

Chill, Kurt                                    85th Infantry Division                                                                650

Cochenhausen, Ernest von            Kampfgruppe Cochenhausen                                                    59

Collani, Hans                                49th SS Regiment De Ruyter, 4th SS Neder Division                355

Conrady, Alexander                     6th Infantry Division                                                                  650

Conrady, Alexander                     707th Infantry Division                                                              651

Conrady, Heinrich                        15th Luftwaffe Field Division                                                     651

Conrath, Paul                               Hermann Goring Panzer Division                                               316

Conrady, Alexander                     6th Infantry Division                                                                  650

Coretti, Julius                                151st Field Training Division                                                     650

Crisolli, Wilhelm                           333rd Infantry Division, 20th Luftwaffe Field Division                651

Curtze, Heinrich                           Field Replacement Division A                                                    651

Czimatis, Albrecht                        305th Infantry Division                                                               651                   


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