German Military Personnel That Served in WWII

Last Name Beginning With (F)

Updated 06/09/10

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Name                                Unit(s)/Ship(s)                                                             Resource #

Fabiunke, Karl                              129th Infantry Division                                                                    650

Fabrice, Eberhard                         383rd Infantry Division                                                                    651

Fahrmbacher, Wilhelm                  German Army, Lorient Garrison                                                       373

Fahrmbacher, Wilhelm                   5th Jager Division                                                                            651

Falkenberg                                   Stalag 318                                                                                       177

Falkenhausen, Alexander von       Military Commander, Belgian Occupation                                         79

Falkner, Karl                                237th Infantry Division                                                                      650

Falley, Wilhelm                            General, 91st Air Landing Division, 246th Infantry Division, 330th    384; 482; 650; 651; 893

                                                   Infantry Division

Fangohr, Friedrich                        122nd Infantry Division                                                                    650

Fassong, Horst von                      III Gruppe, Jagdgeschwader 11                                                        12

Faulenbach, Karl                          356th Infantry Division, 401st Replacement Division, 405th              158; 651

                                                    Replacement Division

Faulenbach, Karl                          82nd Infantry Division                                                                       650

Fegelein, Hermann                        SS                                                                                                   178

Fegelein, Waldemar                      SS                                                                                                   178

Fehn, Franz                                  407th Replacement Division, 713th Infantry Division                          651

Feind                                            253rd Replacement and Training Battalion                                        487

Feldt, Kurt                                    1st Cavalry Division                                                                          651

Felmy, Helmuth                            Luftflotte 2                                                                                        736

Felzmann, Maximilian                    251st Infantry Division                                                                      650

Fessman, Ernst                             267th Infantry Division                                                                      650

Fett, Albert                                  159th Infantry Division                                                                      650

Fett, Albert                                  328th Infantry Division                                                                      651

Feuchtinger, Edgar                       21st Panzer Division                                                                          234; 384

Feurstein, Valentin                        2nd Mountain Division                                                                      651

Feyerabend, Gerhard                   11th Infantry Division, 87th Infantry Division                                      650

Feyerabend, Walter                     2nd Flak Division, 14th Flak Division, 27th Flak Division                    651

Fichter, Hans-Wilhelm                 23rd Flak Division                                                                              651

Fiebig, Heinz                                84th Infantry Division, 246th Infantry Division                                    650

Fiebig, Martin                              VIII Fliegerkorps                                                                              503

Fiedler, Hans                               III Gruppe, Jagdgeschwader 11                                                        12; 353

Finger, Arthur                              291st Infantry Division                                                                       651

Fink, Johannes                             Luftwaffe                                                                                           736

Finselberg                                    6th Regiment, 23rd Infantry Division                                                  177

Fischer,                                        Colonel, 96th Infantry Division                                                          650

Fischer, Adolf                              367th Infantry Division                                                                      651

Fischer, Arndt                              Kampfgruppe Peiper                                                                         557

Fischer, Gerhard                          5th SS Panzer Division                                                                      294

Fischer, Gotthard                         126th Infantry Division                                                                      650

Fischer, Hermann                         181st Infantry Division                                                                      650

Fischer, Karl                                267th Infantry Division                                                                      650

Fischer, Kurt                                172nd Reserve Division                                                                    650

Fischer, Oskar                             4th Company, 2nd SS Panzer Regiment, 2nd SS Panzer Division       107

Fischer, Theodor                          327th Infantry Division                                                                      651

Fischer, Willi                                German Army                                                                                   557

Fischer, Willi                                302nd Infantry Division                                                                      651

Fitsch, Hans                                 5th Fallschirmjager Division                                                               504

Flaschenberg, Walter                    U-71                                                                                                453

Fleps, Georg                                1st SS Panzer Battalion                                                                     557

Floerke, Hermann                        31st Infantry Division                                                                         650

Foertsch, Hermann                       21st Infantry Division                                                                        650

Folttmann, Josef                            338th Infantry Division, Fortress Division Crete, 164th                     651

                                                    Demonstration Division

Folttmann, Joseph                        256th Infantry Division                                                                      650                  

Forst, Werner                             106th Infantry Division                                                                       650

Forst, Werner                              293rd Infantry Division                                                                      651

Forster, Paul Herbert                    389th Infantry Division                                                                      651

Fortner, Hans Johann                    718th Infantry Division                                                                      651

Franek, Friedrich "Fritz"               44th Infantry Division, 73rd Infantry Division,196th Infantry Division  436; 650

Franke, Hermann                         152nd Infantry Division, 162nd Infantry Division                                 650

Frankewitz, Bruno                        215th Infantry Division                                                                      650

Frankewitz, Bruno                        Infantry Division Theodor Korner                                                      651

Franz                                           Assault Gun Battalion, Grossdeutschland Panzergrenadier Division     446

Franz, Gerhard                             256th Volksgrenadier Division                                                          650

Franz Gotthard                             12th Flak Division, 19th Flak Division                                               651

Franzisket, Ludwig                       Luftwaffe                                                                                          353

Frauscher, Franz                          4th Company, 2nd SS Panzer Regiment, 2nd SS Panzer Division       107; 557

Freitag, Fritz                                14th SS Freiwilligen Division "Galizien"; 1st SS Brigade; SS Cavalry   527

                                                    Division; 2nd SS Motorized Infantry Brigade; SS Police Division

Frenking, Hermann                       282nd Infantry Division                                                                     650

Frenking, Hermann                        294th Infantry Division                                                                     651        

Fretter-Pico, Maximilian               XXX Corps; Sixth Army                                                                   56; 325

Fretter-Pico, Otto                        57th Infantry Division, 148th Reserve Division, 97th Jager Division    650; 651

Freyberg, Leodegard                   21st Panzer Division                                                                          384

Freytag, Walter                            Fortress Division Danzig                                                                    651

Fricke, Ludwig                             440th Assault Division, Assault Division Rhodes                                651

Friebe, Helmuth                            22nd Air Landing Division                                                                650

Friedel                                         German Army, OKH                                                                        384

Friedrich, Christian                       166th Reserve Division                                                                     650

Friedrich, Rudolf                          64th Infantry Division                                                                        241

Friedrich, Rudolf                          62nd Infantry Divsion                                                                        650

Friedrich, Rudolf                          327th Infantry Division, 312th Artillery Division, z.b.v.                        651

Friedrichs, Walter                         212th Infantry Division                                                                      650 

Fries, Walter                                29th Panzergrenadier Division                                                           158

Friesenhahn, Karl                         Engineer commander, Remagen bridge detachment                            129

Friessner, Johannes                      Army Group North; Army Group South Ukraine                               56; 120

Friessner, Johannes                       102nd Infantry Division                                                                    650

Frisius, Friedrich                          Admiral, Fortress Commander Dunkirk Garrison                               373; 650

Fritz                                            352nd Infantry Division                                                                       384

Fritzsche, Hans                            Commander-in-Chief, German Army                                                  454

Frolich, Stephan                            Luftwaffe                                                                                          765

Fromm, Friedrick "Fritz"               Replacement (Home) Army                                                                650

Frommberger                               Colonel, 26th Infantry Division                                                            650

Fronhoefer, Erich                         547th Volksgrenadier Division, 20th Luftwaffe Field Division               651

Frubeiser, Rudi                            3rd Fallschirmjager Division                                                                557

Fruhauf, Carl-Heinz                     2nd Battalion, 49th SS Regiment De Ruyter                                        355

Fuchs, Adolf                                10th Fallschirmjager Regiment                                                           158

Fuchs, Robert                              20th Luftwaffe Field Division, 22nd Luftwaffe Field Division               651

Fuerst, Friedrich                           34th Infantry Division, 171st Reserve Division                                   650

Fuerst, Friedrich                            442nd Landesschutze Division                                                          651

Fullriede, Fritz                              3rd Marine Division                                                                           650

Fullriede, Fritz                              610th Special Purposes Division                                                         651

Furbach, Heinz                             331st Infantry Division                                                                        651

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