German Military Personnel That Served in WWII

Last Name Beginning With (G)

Updated 11/24/10

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Name                        Unit(s)/Ship(s)                                                         Resource #

Gabcke, Otto                     294th Infantry Division                                                                 651

Gaede, Heinrich                  719th Infantry Division                                                                651

Gaede, Helmut                   1st SS Panzer Company                                                              250

Gaedicke, Fritz                    203rd Infantry Division                                                               650

Gaedke, Heinz                    XI Corps                                                                                    294

Gaeling                               5th Fallschirmjager Division                                                         504

Galland, Adolf                    Jagdgeschwader 26                                                                    353; 441; 736; 765

Gallenkamp, Curt               78th Infantry Division                                                                  650

Gareis, Martin                    98th Infantry Division                                                                  650

Gause, Alfred                     German Army, Erwin Rommel's Staff                                          384; 540

Gebb, Werner                    9th Infantry Division                                                                    650

Geerkens, Heinrich             9th Luftwaffe Field Division                                                         651

Gehlen, Reinhard                213th Infantry Division, Foreign Armies East office                      35; 268; 371

Gehrig, Bernhard                8th Company, 4th Panzer Regiment, 13th Panzer Division            332; 477

Gehrke, Heinz                    III Gruppe, Jagdgeschwader 26                                                  353

Geisler, Hans Ferdinand      Luftwaffe                                                                                    765

Geissler, Erich                    78th Volksgrenadier Division                                                       650

Geitner, Herbert                  295th Infantry Division                                                                651

Genthe, Friedrich                412th Landesschutzen Division                                                    651

Gercke, Hubert                   401st Replacement Division                                                        651

Gercke, Huberrt                 148th Reserve Division                                                               650

Gerhardt, Paul        `           311th Infantry Division                                                                651

Gerhardt, Rudolf                7th Panzer Regiment, 10th Panzer Division                                   540

Gerhardt, Werner               5th Staffel, Jagdgeschwader 26                                                   70

Gericke, Walther                Kampfgruppe Gericke                                                                629

Gericke, Walter                 21st Parachute Division                                                                651

Gerlach, Adolf                   14th Flak Division                                                                       200; 651

Gerloch, Erwin                   389th Infantry Division                                                               651

Gerok, Kurt                       153rd Field Training Division                                                      650

Gerok, Kurt                       387th Infantry Division                                                                651

Gersdorff, Rudolph            Seventh Army                                                                             193

Gerstenberg, Alfred            Luftwaffe                                                                                    737

Gertler, Rudolf                   118th Jager Division                                                                    651

Giese                                  205th Infantry Division                                                                4

Giese, Herbert                    31st Flak Division                                                                       651

Giese, Karl                        205th Infantry Division                                                                 650

Gihr                                   Major General, 707th Infantry Division                                         651

Gihr, Gustav                      7th Infantry Division, 35th Infantry Division, 45th Infantry              650

                                         Division, 95th Infantry Division, 110th Infantry Division,

                                         216th Infantry Division

Gilbert, Martin                  110th Infantry Division, 167th Infantry Division, 180th                  650

                                         Replacement Division, 244th Infantry Division

Gilbert, Martin                   480th Replacement Division                                                         651                                      

Gille, Herbert Otto             IV SS Panzer Corps                                                                   250

Gille, Otto                          5th SS Panzer Division                                                                294

Gittner, Hans                      292nd Infantry Division                                                               651

Gittner, Johannes                5th Jager Division                                                                        651

Gobel, Wilhelm                  78th Infantry Division                                                                  258

Goebel, Karl                       299th Infantry Division                                                               651

Goeckel                             Oflag 64                                                                                     269

Goeldner, Paul                    351st Infantry Division                                                                651

Goering, Hermann              Chief of the Luftwaffe                                                                 178; 189; 272; 286; 313; 353; 402; 454; 459; 503; 524;

                                                                                                                                             557; 578; 623; 630; 737; 765; 785; 831

Goeritz, Werner                 92nd Infantry Division                                                                  650

Goeritz, Werner                  291st Infantry Division                                                                651

Goeschen, Alexander          213th Security Division                                                               650

Goeschen, Alexander          391st Security Division                                                                651

Goetz, Heinrich                   Infantry Division Scharnhorst                                                       651

Goetz, Heinrich                  21st Infantry Division, 83rd Infantry Division                                650

Gohler, Johannes                SS                                                                                              178

Goller, Karl                        III Gruppe, Jagdgeschwader 53                                                  353

Gollwitzer, Friedrich            88th Infantry Division, 193rd Replacement Division                     650

Goltzsch, Rudolf                 290th Infantry Division                                                                650

Goltzsch, Rudolf                 344th Infantry Division, 606th Special Purposes Division,              651

                                          719th Infantry Division, 21st Luftwaffe Field Division                                           

Gomille, Herbert                 4th Panzer Regiment, 13th Panzer Division                                  332; 477

Gorbig                                Major General, Germany Army                                                   831

Goring, Fritz                       German Luftwaffe                                                                       189

Gorn, Walter                     710th Infantry Division, 561st Grenadier Division, 561st                651

                                         Volksgrenadier Division, 1st East Prussian Grenadier Division

Goth                                  352nd Infantry Division                                                                384

Gottschalk, Friedrich-Carl  540th Landesschutzen Division                                                     651

Grabner, Viktor                 9th SS Panzer Reconnaissance Battalion, 9th SS Panzer Division  460; 482

Gradl                                 13th Panzer Division                                                                    477

Graessner, Walther            298th Infantry Division, 42nd Jager Division                                 651

Graf, Karl                          Kommandeur der Ersatztruppen VII, 157th Replacement             650  

                                          Division, 277th Infantry Division

Graf, Karl                          330th Infantry Division, 467th Replacement Division, 8th              651

                                          Mountain Division

Grandes, Munoz                250th Infantry Division (Spanish)- Spain                                       650                                                       

Grascher, Simon                2nd SS Panzer Division "Das Reich"                                             446

Grase, Martin                    1st Infantry Division                                                                     650

Graser, Fritz-Hubert          3rd Panzergrenadier Division                                                        629

Grassman, Gerhard            333rd Infantry Division, 309th Artillery Division z.b.v.                  651

Gravenstein, Hans              373rd Infantry Division (Kroatisch)                                              651

Greiner, Heinrich                268th Infantry Division                                                                650

Greiner, Heinz                    362nd Infantry Division                                                               651

Griesbach, Franz                170th Infantry Division                                                                650

Grieshammer, Fritz             24th Flak Division                                                                       651

Grimme                              Colonel, 69th Infantry Divsiion                                                    650

Groepler, Erich                   21st Flak Division                                                                       651

Groeschke, Kurt                 5th Parachute Division                                                                 651

Groppe, Theodor                214th Infantry Division                                                                650

Grosse, Erich                     94th Infantry Division                                                                   650

Gross, Martin                     2nd Panzer Battalion                                                                    446

Gross, Martin                    12th SS Panzer Division                                                               250

Grossman, Horst                6th Infantry Division, 102nd Infantry Division                               650

Grote, Woldemar               218th Infantry Division                                                                650

Gruber, Heinz                    5th Staffel, Jagdgeschwader 53                                                    103

Grun, Werner                     5th Panzer Regiment, 21st Panzer Division                                    540

Gruner,Erich                       62nd Infantry Division, 73rd Infantry Division, 111th Infantry        650


Guderian, Heinz-Gunther    XIX Motorized Corps; 116th Panzer Div.; Second Panzer Group 218; 233; 236; 250; 272; 315; 382; 415; 446; 524; 557;

                                                                                                                                             601; 736; 765

Guembel, Karl                    152nd Replacement Division, 182nd Reserve Division,                650

                                          257th Infantry Division 

Guembel, Karl                    295th Infantry Division, 348th Infantry Division Guembel              651  

Guentzel, Ernst                   17th Infantry Division, 113th Infantry Division                               650

Guentzel, Ernst                    462nd Volksgrenadier Division                                                    651

Guhl, Konrad                      174th Reserve Division                                                               650

Gundlach                           German Army                                                                              384

Gunsche, Otto                    Adolf Hitler's Staff                                                                       190; 250

Gurran, Paul                        23rd Infantry Division                                                                 650

Gustloff, Paul                      HQ Battery, 62nd Reserve Anti-aircraft Division                          595

Gutschmidt, Johannes         German Army guard, Dulag 203                                                  177

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