German Military Personnel That Served in WWII

Last Name Beginning With (J)

Updated 04/14/10

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Name                            Unit(s)                                                                            Resource #

Jacobs                                    2nd Company, 902nd Panzergrenadier Regiment, Panzer Lehr Div.        208

Jacobi, Alfred                         201st Security Brigade, 201st Security Division                                      650

Jaenecke, Erwin                      384th Infantry Division; Seventeenth Army                                             241; 762

Jaenicke, Erwin                       389th Infantry Division                                                                           651

Jahde, Willy                            Tiger Abteilung 502                                                                               355

Jahn, Curt                                12th Infantry Division                                                                            650

Jahn, Curt                                709th Infantry Division                                                                          651

Jahr, Arno                                387th Infantry Division                                                                          651

Jais, Maximilian                        418th Replacement Division, 188th Reserve Mountain Division              651

Jank, Karl                                549th Grenadier Division, 549th Volksgrenadier Division, 4th                651

                                                Mountain Division                                                                                

Jansa, Ernst                             15th Flak Division                                                                                 651

Janssen, Adolf                          428th Landesschutzen Division                                                             651      

Jennewein, Hans                      Gebirgsjager Division                                                                            101

Jeschonnek, Hans                    Chief of Staff, Luftwaffe                                                                        503; 736; 737; 765

Jodl, Alfred                             General Staff                                                                                         97; 177; 384; 454; 482; 503; 557; 736; 765

John, Richard                         292nd Infantry Division, 383rd Infantry Division                                      651

Jolasse, Erwin                         344th Volksgrenadier Division                                                                651

Jorchel, Wolfgang                   SS Panzergrenadier Regiment 48 General Seyffardt                                355

Jordan, Gunther                      12th Staffel, Lehrgeschwader 1                                                              541

Jordan, Hans                          Ninth Army                                                                                            433

Jordan, Hans                           7th Infantry Division                                                                               650

Jorzyck, Hans                         12th Staffel, Lehrgeschwader 1                                                              541

Jost, Walter                            5th Jager Division, 42nd Jager Division                                                   651

Juettner, Arthur                       62nd Volksgrenadier Division                                                                650

Junck, Hans                            253rd Infantry Division, 265th Infantry Division                                      650

Junck, Hans                            299th Infantry Division                                                                          651                       

Junck, Werner                        II Jagdkorps                                                                                          235

Jung, Walter                           III Gruppe, Jagdgeschwader 6                                                               353

Juppe, Hans                           704th Infantry Division, 104th Jager Division                                          651

Jurgen, Heinz                          I Gruppe, Jagdgeschwader 1                                                                 353

Juttner, Arthur                        62nd Volksgrenadier Division                                                                 557

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