German Military Personnel That Served in WWII

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Updated 04/14/10

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Name                                Unit(s)/Ship(s)                                                                         Resource #

Labonne, Roger                           German 638th Infantry Regiment- France                                                         650

Lackner, Walter                           2nd Parachute Division, 6th Parachute Division                                                651

Laengerfelder, Hans                     15th Infantry Division                                                                                       650

Laicher, Fritz                                2nd Flak Division                                                                                            651

Lamey, Hubert                             21st Infantry Division, 28th Jager Division                                                        650; 651

Lammerding, Heinz                      2nd SS Panzer Division                                                                                    557

Lancelle, Otto                              121st Infantry Division                                                                                     650

Landau, Christian-Johannes           176th Infantry Division                                                                                    650

Landgraf, Franz                            154th Reserve Division, 155th Replacement Division                                        650

Lang, Georg                                 88th Infantry Division                                                                                       650  

Lang, Hellmuth                             General Erwin Rommel's Staff                                                                          384

Lang, Hubert                                1st Mountain Division                                                                                      651

Lang, Joachim-Friedrich                95th Volksgrenadier Division                                                                          650

Lang,                                            Major, 73rd Infantry Division                                                                          650

Lang, Rudolf                                10th Panzer Division                                                                                        540

Lang, Viktor                                 218th Infantry Division                                                                                    650

Lang, Walter                                327th Infantry Division                                                                                    651

Lange, Franz-Heinz                      6th Staffel, Jagdgeschwader 77                                                                       489

Lange, Harald                              U-505                                                                                                            448

Lange, Kurt                                 U-530                                                                                                             160

Lange, Wolfgang                          Korps Abteilung C                                                                                          527

Lange, Wolfgang                          150th Field Training Division, 183rd Volksgrenadier Division                            650

Lange, Wolfgang                         339th Infantry Division, 564th Volksgrenadier Division                                      651

Langendorf, Georg                       5th Company, 11th SS Aufklarungs Abteilung                                                  355

Langhaeuser, Rudolf                     12th Volksgrenadier Division                                                                           650

Langhauser, Rudolf                      560th Volksgrenadier, 6th Parachute Division                                                   651

Langner, Gunther                         12th Staffel, Lehrgeschwader 1                                                                        541

Langsdorff, Hans                         Graf Spee                                                                                                        357

Lanz, Hubert                                1st Gebirgsjager (Mountain) Division                                                                241

Lasch, Otto                                 Fortress Commander, Konigsberg; 349th Infantry Division                                126; 527

Lasch, Otto                                 217th Infantry Division                                                                                     650

Lasch, Otto                                 349th Infantry Division                                                                                     651

Laux, Paul                                   Sixteenth Army; II Corps                                                                                 120; 286

Laux, Paul                                   126th Infantry Division                                                                                     650

Lechner, Adolf                             377th Infantry Division                                                                                    651

Lehmann, Josef                            82nd Infantry Division, Division Staff 240 z.b.v.                                               650

Leie, Erich                                   Jagdgeschwader 77                                                                                         353

Leipholz, Gerhard                        Jagdgeschwader 3                                                                                           353

Leistner, Karl                              413th Landesschutzen Division                                                                         651

Leitner, Ralph                              29th Panzergrenadier Division                                                                          629

Lemelsen, Joachim                       14th Army                                                                                                       158

Lemke, Herbert                            180th Replacement Division                                                                            650

Lemke, Herbert                           702nd Infantry Division                                                                                    651

Lendle, Hubert                            221st Security Division                                                                                     650

Lendle, Hubert                            610th Special Purposes Division                                                                       651

Lettow, Paul                               182nd Reserve Division                                                                                    650

Leyser, Hans-Georg                    29th Panzergrenadier Division                                                                           371

Leonhardt, Captain                      3rd Company, 502nd Heavy Panzer Battalion                                                  120

Lichel, Walther                            123rd Infantry Division                                                                                    650

Licht, Rudolf-Eduard                   487th Replacement Division, 710th Infantry Division, 21st Luftwaffe Field        651


Lieb, Theobald                            XLII Corps                                                                                                     294

Lieb, Theobald                             34th Infantry Division, 112th Infantry Division                                                 650

Lieb, Theobald                            306th Infantry Division                                                                                    651

Liebschner, Joachim                    Kampfgruppe Gericke                                                                                     629

Liegmann, Friedrich-Wilhelm       6th Volksgrenadier Division                                                                             650

Lindemann, Fritz                         132nd Infantry Division                                                                                    650

Lindemann, Georg                      Eighteenth Army                                                                                               355

Lindemann, Gerhard                    361st Infantry Division                                                                                     527

Lindemann, Gerhardt                   361st Infantry Division                                                                                     651

Lindner, Gerhard                         364th Infantry Division                                                                                     651

Liss, Ulrich                                 304th Infantry Division, 321st Infantry Division                                                  651

Lissack, Gerhard                        7th Staffel, Jagdgeschwader 26                                                                         70

List                                             Colonel, 246th Volksgrenadier Division                                                            650

List, Sigmund                              German Army                                                                                                  220

List, Wilhelm                               Army Group A                                                                                                 371

Lock, Herbert                             17th Infantry Division                                                                                        650

Loehning, Paul                            193rd Replacement Division                                                                             650

Loehr, Erich                                553rd Grenadier Division                                                                                 651

Loerzer, Bruno                            Luftwaffe                                                                                                         736

Loeweneck, Ludwig                    39th Infantry Division, 321st Infantry Division                                                   650; 651

Loewrich, Karl                            542nd Grenadier Division, 542nd Volksgrenadier Division                                651

Loewrick, Karl                            93rd Infantry Division                                                                                       650

Lohmann, Gunther                        14th Luftwaffe Field Division                                                                            651

Lohmann, Hanns-Heinrich           3rd Battalion, "Norge" Regiment, 11th SS Panzergrenadier Division                   355

Lohr, General                               Luftwaffe                                                                                                         765

Lohse                                          1st Lieutenant, 9th Antiaircraft Regiment                                                           595

Longin, Anton-Carl                      1st Luftwaffe Field Division, 9th Luftwaffe Field Division                                  651

Lorenz, Erich                                85th Infantry Division                                                                                      650

Lorenz, Wilhelm                           12th Infantry Division                                                                                      650

Lorenz, Wolfgang                         Infantry Division Potsdam                                                                                651

Lorzer, Bruno                               Luftwaffe                                                                                                        765

Lotzsch, Georg                            13th Heavy Panzer Company                                                                           446

Lucht, Walther                            LXVI Corps; Eleventh Army                                                                            87; 200; 470; 557

Lucht, Walther                            87th Infantry Division                                                                                        650

Lucht, Walther                            336th Infantry Division                                                                                      651

Luczny, Alfons                            1st Flak Searchlight Division                                                                             651

Ludwig, Fritz                              102nd Infantry Division                                                                                     650

Luebbe, Vollrath                         81st Infantry Division, 462nd Volksgrenadier Division                                      650; 651

Lueters, Rudolf                           223rd Infantry Division                                                                                     650

Lutke                                         716th Infantry Division                                                                                      384

Luz, Hellwig                               199th Infantry Division                                                                                      650

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