German Military Personnel That Served in WWII

Last Name Beginning With (M)

Updated 2/16/11

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Name                                Unit(s)/Ship(s)                                                             Resource #

Macholz, Sigfried                         122nd Infantry Division                                                                     286

Macholz, Siegfried                        47th Infantry Division, 192nd Replacement Division, 191st Reserve  650

                                                    Division, 49th Infantry Division

Macholz, Sigfrid                            295th Infantry Division                                                                     651

Maderholz, Karl                           370th Infantry Division, 404th Replacement Division, 410th               651

                                                    Landesschutzen Division, Division z.b.v., 467th Replacement Division                                                   

Mador, Anton                              II Gruppe, Jagdgeschwader 77                                                         489

Maeder, Hellmuth                        Fuhrer Grenadier Division                                                                 651

Maisel, Ernst                                General Staff                                                                                    414

Mackensen                                  Colonel General, Fourteenth Army                                                    650

Magnus, Erich                             389th Infantry Division                                                                       651

Mahlmann, Paul                           39th Infantry Division, 137th Infantry Division, 147th Reserve            650


Mahlmann, Paul                            353rd Infantry Division, 353rd Volksgrenadier Division                    651

Mahnke, Alfred                            15th Luftwaffe Field Division                                                            651

Malachowski, Wilhelm von           Sturmgeschutzeabteilung 189                                                            258

Mannerheim, Carl                        Finland Marshal                                                                                650

Marcks, Erich                              LXXXIV Corps, 337th Infantry Division, 101st Jager Division          384; 403; 415; 476; 651

Markgraf, Emil                             78th Infantry Division, 190th Infantry Division                                    650

Marlinez                                       General, XXXIX Panzer Corps                                                        651

Marseille, Hans-Joachim               Jagdeschwader 27                                                                            765

Martin                                          Colonel, 480th Replacement Division                                                 651

Martinek, Robert                          267th Infantry Division, 1st Mountain Division, 7th Mountain Division  650; 651

Martini, Wolfgang                         Luftwaffe Communications Chief                                                       736

Materna, Friedrich                        45th Infantry Division                                                                        650

Mattenklott, Franz                        72nd Infantry Division                                                                       650

Matterstock, Otto                        147th Reserve Division, 716th Infantry Division Matterstock              650; 651

Matthias, Gerhard                        306th Infantry Division                                                                      651

Matzky, Gerhard                          Sector Commander, Pillkallen                                                           126

Matzky, Gerhard                          21st Infantry Division                                                                        650

Maucke, Wolfgang                       115th Panzergrenadier Regiment, 15th Panzergrenadier Division        100; 557

Maxis Herbert                              Luftwaffe                                                                                          353

May, Rudolph                              Army                                                                                                893

Mayer, Johann                              Aide to Adolf Hitler                                                                          557

Mayer, Johannes                          329th Infantry Division                                                                      651

Meder-Eggbert                            Lieutenant Colonel, 2nd Parachute Division                                        651

Meindl, Eugen                              II Fallschirmjager Corps, 3rd Parachute Division, 21st Luftwaffe        384; 504; 524; 651

                                                    Field Division, Luftwaffe Division Meindl

Meiners, Ernst                              81st Infantry Division, 547th Grenadier Division, 547th                      650; 651

                                                    Volksgrenadier Division

Meinhof, Hans-Gottfried               4th Staffel, I Gruppe, Jagdgeschwader 1                                           353

Meissner, Robert                          68th Infantry Division                                                                        650

Mellenthin, Friedrich William         General Staff                                                                                    650

Mellwig                                        Colonel, 189th Infantry Division                                                        650

Melzer, Walter                             252nd Infantry Division, 332nd Infantry Division                                650; 651

Mengers, Otto                              1st Cavalry Division                                                                          651

Menkel, Konrad                           230th Infantry Division (Coastal Defense), 329th Infantry Division     650; 651      

Mennel, Hans                               2nd SS Panzer Division "Das Reich"                                                  446; 911

Menny, Erwin                               72nd Infantry Division, 84th Infantry Division, 123rd Infantry             650; 651

                                                    Division, 333rd Infantry Division, 387th Infantry Division       

Menton, Otto                                Afrika Panzergrenadier Regiment                                                      540

Menzel, Kurt                                 5th Flak Division                                                                              651

Merker, Ludwig                            35th Infantry Division                                                                        650

Metschke                                     German Army                                                                                   436

Metz, Richard                               309th Artillery Division z.b.v.                                                            651

Meuller, Kurt                                286th Security Division                                                                     650

Meyer                                          81st Infantry Division                                                                        120

Meyer                                          992nd Grenadier Regiment, 278th Volksgrenadier Division                439

Meyer-Buerdorf, Heinrich             131st Infantry Division                                                                      650

Meyer, D. B.                                Luftwaffe                                                                                          260

Meyer-Detring, Wilhelm               Gerd von Rundstedt's Staff; Planning Section, OKW                         384; 478

Meyer, Egon                                III Gruppe, Jagdgeschwader 2                                                          334

Meyer, Gerhard                            U-486                                                                                             557

Meyer, Heinz                                5th Company, 4th Panzer Regiment, 2nd Panzer Division                  218

Meyer, Hellmuth                           Fifteenth Army Intelligence                                                               384

Meyer, Hubert                              12th SS Panzer Division                                                                   250

Meyer-Rabinger, Hermann            404th Replacement Division, 431st Landesschutzen Division,            651

                                                    Fortress Division Frankfurt/Oder                                                     

Meyer-Kabinger, Hermann           159th Reserve Division, 197th Infantry Division                                650

Meyer, Kurt "Panzer"                   15th Motorcycle Company, 1st SS Panzer Division; 12th SS Panzer  234; 315; 349


Meyerhoffer, Johann                     413th Replacement Division                                                              651

Meyerkort                                    Major, 9th Antiaircraft Regiment (Motorized)                                    595

Michael, Ernst                              9th Luftwaffe Field Division                                                               355; 651

Michael, Ernst                              205th Infantry Division                                                                      650

Michaelis, Herbert                       95th Infantry Division                                                                        650

Michaelis, Herbert                        298th Infantry Division                                                                     651

Michalski, Gerhard                       Jagdgeschwader 4                                                                            353

Mickl, Johann                               392nd Infantry Division (Kroatisch)                                                  651                                                  

Mieth, Friedrich                            IV Army Corps, 112th Infantry Division                                           56; 650

Mikuliscz, Adalbert                      417th Landesschutzen Division, 444th Security Division                    651

Milch, Erhard                               Luftwaffe                                                                                          313; 736; 765

Mittermaier, Wilhelm                    429th Landesschutzen Division, Field Replacement Division E           651

Model, Walther                           Field Marshal, Army Group B; Army Group Center; Fifth Panzer      255; 277; 315; 355; 375; 382; 433; 446; 470; 482; 650;

                                                   Army; Army Group North; Army Group North Ukraine                    524; 527; 534; 557; 651; 664; 831; 727

Moeckel, Alexander                    16th Volksgrenadier Division                                                            650

Moehring, Kurt                           196th Infantry Division, 276th Volksgrenadier Division                      650

Moench, Hans                             3rd Mountain Division                                                                      651

Mohnke, Wilhelm                         1st SS Panzer Division; Reichstag and Chancellery Defenses             89; 190; 534; 557

Mohr, Carl-Friedrich                    Channel Island Minesweeper fleet                                                     122

Mohr, Johann                               U-124                                                                                              453

Mohr, Ulrich                                Atlantis                                                                                             275

Mohring, Kurt                              276th Volksgrenadier Division                                                           557

Moldenhauer, Harald                    II Gruppe, Jagdgeschwader 1                                                           353

Moldenhauer, Siegfried                12th Infantry Division                                                                         286

Molders, Werner "Vati"                Jagdgeschwader 51                                                                          85; 242; 736; 765

Molge, Werner                            III Gruppe, Jagdgeschwader 26                                                         353

Moser, Willi                                299th Infantry Division                                                                        651

Muehlmann, Max                         323rd Infantry Division                                                                       651

Mueller                                        Stalag Luft 3                                                                                      303

Mueller, Alfred                            Infantry Division Ferdinand von Schill, 14th Flak Division                   651

Mueller, Friedrich-Wilhelm          22nd Air Landing Division                                                                  650

Mueller, Gerhard                          72nd Infantry Division                                                                       650

Mueller, Hermann                        Gerd von Rundstedt's Staff                                                                384

Mueller, Kurt                               286th Security Division                                                                      650

Mueller, Ludwig                          424th Landesschutzen Division, 379th Infantry Division, 97th Jager     651


Meuller, Richard                          211th Infantry Division                                                                       650

Mueller, Vincenz                          57th Infantry Division                                                                         650

Mueller-Buelow, Claus                246th Infantry Division                                                                       650

Mueller-Gebhard, Philipp             72nd Infantry Division, 169th Infantry Division                                   650

Muhl, Kurt                                   137th Infantry Division                                                                      650

Muhr, Eduard                              15th Flak Division                                                                             651

Muller                                          2nd SS Panzer Division                                                                     258

Muller                                          2nd Lieutenant, 9th Antiaircraft Regiment                                           595

Muller, Albert                              German Intelligence                                                                           35

Muller, Gerhard                           12th Infantry Division                                                                        286

Muller, Ludwig                            198th Infantry Division                                                                      650

Muller-Derichsweiler, Erich         177th Replacement Division                                                               650

Mundt, Hansw                             168th Infantry Division                                                                      650

Musenberg, Werner                     U-180                                                                                              160

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