German Military Personnel That Served in WWII

Last Name Beginning With (N)

Updated 04/15/10

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Name                      Unit(s)                                                                          Resource #

Nake, Albin                    168th Infantry Division, 709th Infantry Division                                   650; 651

Naujocks, Alfred            S.S.                                                                                                   736

Nebauer, Andreas           323rd Infantry Division                                                                      651

Nedtwig, Johannes          454th Sicherheit Division                                                                    527

Nedtwig, Johannes          73rd Infantry Division, 156th Reserve Division, 454th Security           650; 651


Nehring, Walter              Afrika Corps; Fourth Panzer Army                                                     527

Neidholdt, Fritz              369th Infantry Division (Kroatisch)                                                      651

Neilandis                         Berlin Defense                                                                                   190

Neubert                          6th Fallschirmjager Regiment                                                              434

Neuffer, Georg               5th Flak Division, 20th Flak Division                                                   651

Neuling, Ferdinand          LXII Reserve Corps, 239th Infantry Division, 294th Infantry Division  831; 650; 651

Neumann, Friedrich         712th Infantry Division                                                                       49

Neumann, Friedrich

Wilhelm                            191st Reserve Division                                                                     650


Karl-Urich                      228th Infantry Division                                                                       650

Neumann, Werner           526th Replacement Division, 563rd Volksgrenadier Division              651

Newiger, Albert               52nd Field Training Division, 52nd Security Division, 112th Infantry   650

                                       190th Infantry Division

Neymann, Georg            306th Infantry Division                                                                        651

Nibel, Theo                     III Gruppe, Jagdgeschwader 54                                                         353

Nickel, Heinrich              342nd Infantry Division                                                                      651

Niehoff, Hermann           371st Infantry Division, 9th Parachute Division                                    651


Nienstedt, Lt.                  2nd Company, 502nd Heavy Panzer Battalion                                    120

Nieper, Alexander          27th Flak Division                                                                               651

Noack, Hermann            96th Infantry Division                                                                          650

Noack, Max                   156th Reserve Division                                                                       650

Nobiz,                            Colonel, 131st Infantry Division, Infantry Division Gustrow                  650; 651

                                      (4th RAD Division)

Noeldecher, Ferdinand    96th Infantry Division, 438th Replacement Division, 438th Special      650; 651

                                        Purposes Divisional (z.b.v.) Command

North                              4th Company, 26th Panzer Regiment, 26th Panzer Division                 439

Nolte, Hans Erich            461st Replacement Division                                                                651

Novotny, Alfred              Grossdeutschland Panzergrenadier Division                                         446

Nowak, Heinz                 Reconnaissance Battalion, 2nd Panzer Division                                   557

Nowotny, Walter            Luftwaffe                                                                                           12; 765

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