German Military Personnel That Served in WWII

Last Name Beginning With (P)

Updated 04/15/10

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Name                        Unit(s)                                                                        Resource #

Paetzold, Hellmuth             2nd Luftwaffe Field Division                                                            651

Paul, Friedrich-Karl           T-23                                                                                               440

Paulus, Friedrich                Afrika Korps; Sixth Army                                                                64; 241; 313; 347; 371; 503; 557; 765; 785

Pavel, Paul                        19th Flak Division                                                                            651

Pawel, Bronislaw               15th Infantry Division

Pechchardscheck, Hots     Jagdgeschwader 53                                                                         353

Peiper, Joachim                 Kampfgruppe Peiper, 1st SS Panzer Division                                   87; 89; 90; 97; 197; 234; 250; 281; 358; 382; 482; 534; 557

Pellengahr, Richard            196th Infantry Division                                                                     650

Peltz, Dietrich                    II Jagdkorps                                                                                    125; 353; 765

Pemsel, Max                     Seventh Army, 6th Mountain Division                                              384; 403; 651

Pernass, Franz                  German Army                                                                                  197

Peschel, Rudolf                 52nd Infantry Division, 52nd Field Training Division, 6th Luftwaffe    650; 651

                                        Field Division                                       

Peterman                          Panzerjagerabteilung 561                                                                 258

Peters, Alphonse               8th Company, 130th Panzer Regiment, Panzer Lehr Division            208

Peters, Karl-Heinz            Commander, Remagen anti-aircraft battery                                       129

Peters, T.                          15th Flak Division                                                                            651

Petersen, Erich                  7th Air Division                                                                                651

Peterson, Louis                 5th Battery, 2nd Battalion, 3rd Artillery Regiment                              595

Petrauschke, Rudolf           1st Luftwaffe Field Division                                                             651

Petri, Hans                        192nd Replacement Division, 272nd Infantry Division, 402nd           650; 651

                                        Landesschutzen Division

Petsch, Theodor               710th Infantry Division                                                                      651

Pfeffer, Max                     297th Infantry Division                                                                      241; 651

Pfeiffer, Georg                  65th Infantry Division, 94th Infantry Division, 306th Infantry Division  650; 651

Pfeiffer, Hellmuth              65th Infantry Division                                                                        650

Pflaum, Karl                     157th Reserve Division, 258th Infantry Division, 8th Mountain          650; 651


Pflieger, Kurt                   31st Infantry Division, 337th Infantry Division, 416th Infantry Division  650; 651

Pflugbeil, Johann              221st Infantry Division, 221st Security Division                                  650

Pflugbeil, Johannes           388th Field Training Division, FTD "Nord", FTD "Kurland", 388th     651

                                        Infantry Division

Pflugbeil, Kurt                  Luftwaffe                                                                                          765

Pflugradt, Kurt                  173rd Reserve Division, 305th Infantry Division, 339th Infantry        650; 651


Philipp, Christian               8th Jager Division, 6th Mountain Division                                          651

Philipp, Ernst                    134th Infantry Division                                                                      650

Philippi, Alfred                  304th Infantry Division, 361st Volksgrenadier Division                      183; 651

Phillips, Karl                    1st Battalion, 901st Panzergrenadier Regiment, Panzer Lehr Div.        208

Phleps, Artur                    SS Prinz Eugen Division                                                                    46

Pichler, Ferdinand            417th Landesschutzen Division                                                          651

Picker, Egbert                  3rd Mountain Division                                                                        651

Pickert, Wolfgang             Luftwaffe, 9th Flak Division                                                               503; 651

Piekendrock, Hans            208th Infantry Division                                                                      650

Pilz, Rudolf                        203rd Security Division                                                                    650

Pirmann, Adolf                 9th Flak Division                                                                                651

Pistorius, Robert               3rd Luftwaffe Field Division, 4th Luftwaffe Field Division                  595; 651

Pitz, Rudolf                       333rd Infantry Division, 358th Infantry Division, 464th Replacement 651

                                        Division, 464th Training Division

Plocher, Hermann             6th Parachute Division, 19th Luftwaffe Field Division                        651

Pluskat, Werner                352nd Infantry Division                                                                    384; 476

Poetschke, Werner           1st SS Panzer Division                                                                      250; 534; 557

Poetter, Adolf                   410th Landesschutzen Division, Division z.b.v. 410                           651

Poggendorf, Horst            4th Company, 2nd SS Panzer Regiment, 2nd SS Panzer Div.            107

Pohl, Ortwin                     4th Co., 1st Batt., 2nd SS Panzer Regt., 2nd SS Panzer Div.            107

Pohl, Helmut                     Luftwaffe, Kampfgeschwader 30                                                      736

Pollock                             4th Company, 26th Panzer Regiment, 26th Panzer Division               439

Polster                               Colonel, 63rd Infantry Division                                                         650

Pomptow, Heinz                Fifth Panzer Army                                                                            540

Poppe, Walter                   59th Infantry Division, 77th Infantry Division, 217th Infantry             650; 651

                                         Division, Group 217, Corps Detachment C, 255th Infantry

                                         Division, 364th Infantry Division

Poser, Gunter                    U-202                                                                                             291

Postel, Georg                    XXX Corps, Sixth Army, 320th Infantry Division                             56; 651

Poten, Georg                    426th Landesschutzen Division                                                          651

Pottgen, Rainer                 Luftwaffe                                                                                          765

Prager, Karl                     309th Artillery Division z.b.v.                                                             651

Praun, Albert                    129th Infantry Division, 277th Infantry Division                                 286; 650

Prellberg, Werner             1st Flak Division, 12th Flak Division                                                  651

Preuss, Georg                   Kampfgruppe Peiper                                                                        557

Prien, Gunther                   U-47                                                                                               67; 592

Priess, Hellmuth                 121st Infantry Division                                                                     650          

Priess, Hermann                1st SS Panzer Division                                                                     250; 557

Priller, Josef "Pips"            JG.135, JG.233, JG.51, JG.71, JG.26                                             28; 353; 384; 765

Prinner, Josef                    340th Infantry Division, 311th Artillery Division, Harko 311              651

Prueter, Friedrich-Wilhelm 113th Infantry Division                                                                     650

Puchler, Karl                    257th Infantry Division                                                                      241

Puechler, Carl                   257th Infantry Division                                                                     650

Putziger, Richard               7th Air Division                                                                                651


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