German Military Personnel That Served in WWII

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Updated 12/01/10

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Name                                    Unit(s)/Ship(s)                                                                     Resource #

Raapke, Wilhelm                               71st Infantry Division                                                                                 650

Raatz, Helmuth                                   83rd Infantry Division                                                                                650

Rabe von Pappenheim, Friedrich Karl  97th Jager Division                                                                                   651

Rademacher, Wilhelm                        7th Infantry Division                                                                                   650

Radziej, Georg                                   169th Infantry Division                                                                               650

Raeder, Erich                                    Commander-in-Chief German Navy                                                           67; 109; 160; 454; 525; 592; 736

Raegener, Adolf                                 Division Raegener                                                                                      651

Raessler, Rudolf                                 606th Special Purposes Division, 616th Special Purposes Division,            651

                                                          Division Raessler

Raithel, Heribert                                  9th Mountain Division (East), Mountain Division Steiermark                      651

Raithel, Wilhelm                                 199th Infantry Division,Division Barwalde, 312th Artillery Division z.b.v     650; 651

Ramcke, Hermann Bernard                2nd Parachute Division                                                                              651

Ranck, Werner                                  121st Infantry Division, 218th Infantry Division                                           650

Rasp, Siegfried                                  78th Infantry Division, 335th Infantry Division, 3rd Mountain Division         650; 651

Ratcliffe, Alexander                            407th Replacement Division                                                                      651

Rauch, Erwin                                     123rd Infantry Division                                                                               286; 650

Rauch, Josef                                      343rd Infantry Division                                                                               651

Raus                                                  General, Third Panzer Army                                                                       651

Raus, Erhard (Eberhard)                    Third Panzer Army; Fourth Panzer Army; First Panzer Army                      126; 294; 527

Recke, Heinrich                                 161st Infantry Division, 332nd Infantry Division                                          650; 651

Recknagel, Hermann                          111th Infantry Division                                                                               650

Redlich, Adolf                                   Jagdgeschwader 2                                                                                      353

Refior, Hans                                      Berlin Defense                                                                                           190

Rehfeld                                             906th Fortress Battalion                                                                             292

Rehwinkle, Ernst-August                    U-578                                                                                                      453

Reichel, Joachim                                23rd Panzer Division                                                                                 371

Reichelt, Paul                                     299th Infantry Division                                                                               651

Reichert, Josef                                   711th Infantry Division, 714th Infantry Division                                          384; 651

Reichert, Joseph                                 177th Replacement Division                                                                      650

Reichert, Rudolf                                 292nd Infantry Division                                                                             651

Reichling, Walter                                German Intelligence                                                                                   384

Reidel                                                275th Fusilier Battalion                                                                              487

Reimann, Hans                                   86th Panzergrenadier Regiment, 10th Panzer Division                                 540

Reimann, Richard                               18th Flak Division                                                                                    651

Rein, Siegfried                                    69th Infantry Division                                                                                650

Reinberger, Helmut                            Luftwaffe                                                                                                   736

Reindl                                                Colonel, 392 Artillery Regiment, 392nd Infantry Division (Kroatisch)         651

Reinecke, Edwin                                German Army                                                                                           177

Reinefahrt, Heinz                               SS General of Police                                                                                  55

Reinhard                                            Chief of Staff to General Kurt Student                                                        482

Reinhard, Hans Wolfgang                  35th Infantry Division                                                                                 650

Reinhardt, Alfred                               98th Infantry Division, 98th Volksgrenadier Division                                    650

Reinhardt, Georg Hans                      Army Group Center                                                                                   126

Reinhardt, Hans Wolfgang                 Military District IV                                                                                      200

Reinherr                                            Colonel, 79th Volksgrenadier Division                                                         650          

Reinhold, Leo                                    10th SS Panzer Division                                                                             482

Reinicke, Georg                                369th Infantry Division (Kroatisch)                                                              651

Reinshagen, Fritz                               18th Luftwaffe Field Division                                                                       651

Reinwald, Max                                  362nd Infantry Division                                                                                651

Reiser, Rolf                                       Kampfgruppe Peiper, 1st SS Panzer Division                                              250; 534

Remer, Otto-Ernst                             Fuhrer Begleit Brigade, Fuhrer Begleit Division                                           557; 651; 893

Remold, Josef                                    6th Mountain Division                                                                                651

Rendulic, Lothar                                Army Group Center; Commander-in-Chief, Norway, 52nd Infantry            4; 126; 131; 436; 650           


Renner, Kurt                                     174th Reserve Division, 211th Infantry Division                                           650

Rentschler, Emil Heinrich                  246th Volksgrenadier Division                                                                     650

Renz, Maximilian                                430th Infantry Division                                                                                651

Restemeyer, Werner                          Zerstorergeschwader 76                                                                             736

Rettlinger, Karl                                  1st SS Panzerjager Battalion, 1st SS Panzer Division                                   534

Reuter, Erich                                     46th Infantry Division                                                                                  650

Reymann                                           Colonel, 79th Volksgrenadier Division                                                         650

Reymann, Hellmuth                            11th Infantry Division, 212th Infantry Division, 254th Infantry Division,        650; 651

                                                         13th Luftwaffe Field Division

Rhein (m?), Karl-Ludwig                   331st Infantry Divsiion, 295th Infantry Division                                            651

Rhode, Rudolf                                   Luftwaffe                                                                                                    103

Ribbet                                               Colonel, 50th Infantry Division, 121st Grenadier Regiment, 50th Infantry     650


Ribstein, Hugo                                   81st Infantry Division                                                                                  650   

Richter                                              6th Fallschirmjager Regiment                                                                       384

Richter, Berthold                               29th Panzergrenadier Division                                                                      629

Richter, Helmuth                                11th Flak Division                                                                                       651

Richter, Wilhelm                                716th Infantry Division, 14th Luftwaffe Field Division                                  651

Richert, Johann-Georg                      35th Infantry Division, 286th Security Division                                              650

Richter, Ernst                                    205th Infantry Division, 14th Landwehr Division                                           650

Richter, Otto                                     198th Infantry Division                                                                                 650

Richter, Werner                                 87th Infantry Division, 263rd Infantry Division                                             650

Richter, Wilhelm                                716th Infantry Division                                                                                384

Ridder, Friedrich                               German Army                                                                                             540

Riedel, Paul                                       309th Artillery Divison z.b.v.                                                                        651

Ringel, Julius "papa"                           5th Gebirgsjager Division, 3rd Mountain Division, 5th Mountain Division     282; 651

Rintelen, Joseph                                357th Infantry Division                                                                                651

Rintenberg                                         Colonel, 106th Infantry Division                                                                  650

Risky, Norbert                                  III Gruppe, Jagdgeschwader 26                                                                  353

Risse, Ernst-Walther                         225th Infantry Division                                                                                650

Risse, Walther                                   225th Infantry Division                                                                                286

Rittau, Stephen                                  129th Infantry Division                                                                                650

Ritter                                                Adler Brigade                                                                                              258

Ritter, Klaus                                     18th Volksgrenadier Division                                                                        557

Rittner,                                              Colonel, 15th Flak Division                                                                         651

Rodt, Eberhard                                 15th Panzergrenadier Division, Division Sicily                                               594; 651

Roehler, Herbert                                31st Flak Division                                                                                       651

Roehricht, Edgar                                12th Infantry Division, 95th Infantry Division                                                650

Roemer, Friedrich                              22nd Flak Division                                                                                       651

Roepke, Kurt                                    46th Infantry Division; 320th Infantry Division                                               650; 651

Roesler, Karl                                     89th Infantry Division                                                                                   650

Roettig, Otto                                      198th Infantry Division                                                                                650

Rogge, Bernhard                               Atlantis                                                                                                        275

Rohm, Ernst                                      S.A. Leader                                                                                                736

Rohwer                                            German Navy                                                                                              11

Rohr, Guenther                                  12th Volksgrenadier Division                                                                      650

Rollwage, Herbert                             Jagdgeschwader 53                                                                                    103

Rommel, Erwin                                 7th Panzer Division; Afrika Korps; Panzer Group West                               135; 167; 207; 234; 269; 272; 305;

                                                                                                                                                                           347; 382; 384; 403; 414; 415; 434;

                                                                                                                                                                            476; 482; 498; 540; 557; 601; 651; 736; 727

Ronicke, Martin                                339th Infantry Division                                                                                 651

Roschmann, Hans                             2nd Mountain Division                                                                                  651

Rosenburg, Karl                               76th Infantry Division                                                                                    650

Rosert, Bruno                                   German Army                                                                                              540; 765; 785; 831; 839; 845

Roske, Fritz                                      71st Infantry Division                                                                                    650

Rosskopf, Maximilian                        168th Infantry Division, 606th Special Purposes Division                              650; 651

Roth, Hans                                        342nd Infantry Division                                                                                651

Roth, Heinrich                                   88th Infantry Division                                                                                   650

Roth, Matthias                                  2nd Battalion, 105th Infantry Regiment, 72nd Infantry Division                      294

Rothkirch und Panther, Friedrich-        148th Infantry Division                                                                                650


Rott, Frank-Werner                          Luftwaffe                                                                                                     489

Rubensdorffer, Walter                      Erprobungsgruppe (Experimental Group) 210                                               736

Rudel, Hans-Ulrich                           Luftwaffe, Stuka Geschwader 2                                                                   56; 446; 765

Rudhart, Hermann                            20th Flak Division                                                                                        651

Rudorffer, Erich                                Jagdgeschwader 54                                                                                     4

Ruebel, Karl                                    163rd Infantry Division                                                                                 650

Ruebesamer, Friedrich Wilhelm        281st Infantry Division                                                                                 650

Ruediger, Kurt                                 137th Infantry Division, 302nd Infantry Division                                            650; 651

Rueter, Wolfgang                             3rd Flak Division, 6th Flak Division                                                              651

Ruff, Siegfried                                  401st Replacement Division, 609th Infantry Division                                      651

Ruge, Friedrich                                Erwin Rommel's Staff                                                                                   384; 403; 893

Ruoff, Richard                                  German Army                                                                                             736

Rupp, Ernst                                     97th Jager Division                                                                                        651

Rupprecht, Wilhelm                         62nd Infantry Division, 327th Infantry Division, 18th Luftwaffe Field Division  650; 651

Russwurm, Joseph                           293rd Infantry Division                                                                                 651

Russwurm, Wilhelm                         158th Reserve Division, 158th Replacement Division, Division 158,               650; 651

                                                       274th Infantry Division, 403rd Security Division, 444th Security Division,

                                                        707th Infantry Division

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