German Military Personnel That Served in WWII

Last Name Beginning With (T)

Updated 04/16/10

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Name                                   Unit(s)/Ship(s)                                                                      Resource #

Tebbe, Gerhard                               116th Panzer Division                                                                                  557

Tempelhof, Hans                              28th Jager Division                                                                                      651

Thanaan, Horst                                Jagdgeschwader 4                                                                                       353

Theen, Fritz                                     352nd Infantry Division                                                                                384

Theilacker, Eugen                            212th Volksgrenadier Division, 413th Replacement Division, 464th Training  650; 651


Theisen, Edgar                                 262nd Infantry Division                                                                                650

Thielmann, Alfred                             32nd Infantry Division, 122nd Infantry Division, 154th Infantry Division,       650

                                                        254th Infantry Division

Thieme,                                            Colonel, 943rd Grenadier Regiment, 353rd Volksgrenadier Division             651

Thoholte, Karl                                  18th Artillery Division                                                                                  651

Thoma, Heinrich                               413th Landesschutzen Division, 432nd Landesschutzen Division                   651

Thomas, Alfred                                25th Flak Division                                                                                        651

Thomas, Kurt                                  999th Light Afrika Division, 999th Infantry Division (Penal)                           651

Thomas, Wilhelm                             203rd Infantry Division, 286th Security Division, 321st Infantry Division       650; 651

                                                        539th Landesschutzen Division

Thomaschki, Siegfried                      11th Infantry Division                                                                                   650

Thorn, Manfred                               7th SS Panzer Company, 1st SS Panzer Division                                          534

Thuener                                           German Army                                                                                             309

Tiefengraber                                    Private, First Class, 5th Battery, 2nd Battalion, 3rd Artillery Regiment           595

Tiemann, Otto                                 93rd Infantry Division                                                                                   650

Tiemann, Ralf                                  1st SS Panzer Division                                                                                 250

Tiesenhausen, Hans-Diedrich von    U-331                                                                                                         102

Tillessen                                         Colonel, 165th Volksgrenadier                                                                      650

Tittel, Hermann                               69th Infantry Division, 169th Infantry Division                                                650

Toepfer, Rudi                                 U-406                                                                                                          68, 75

Toussaint, Rudolf                            Kommandant of Prague, Czechoslovakia                                                      538

Traut,                                             Colonel, 285th Security Division                                                                    650

Traut, Hans                                    78th Assault Division, 263rd Infantry Division                                                650

Trautloft, Hannes                            Kampfgeschwader 54                                                                                   736

Trettner, Heinrich                            4th Fallschirmjager Division                                                                          158

Trierenberg, Wolf                           167th Infantry Division                                                                                  650

Troger, Hans                                  13th Panzer Division                                                                                     56

Trompeter, Friedrich                       16th Volksgrenadier Division                                                                        650

Tronnier, Louis                                62nd Infantry Division, 62nd Volksgrenadier Division, 123rd Infantry            650


Trost, Ewald                                   I Gruppe, Jagdgeschwader 6                                                                        353

Troster, Friedrich                            942nd Grenadier Regiment, 353rd Infantry Division                                      487

Trowitz, Adolf                                 57th Infantry Division, 122nd Infantry Division                                              650

Tschelesnig, Karl                             Luftwaffe                                                                                                     353

Tscherning, Otto                             155th Replacement Division                                                                          650

Twietmeyer, Johann                        Jagdgeschwader 77                                                                                      353

Tychsen                                          2nd SS Panzer Division                                                                                258

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