German Military Personnel That Served in WWII

Last Name Beginning With (V)

Updated 11/24/10

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Name                                             Unit(s)/Ship(s)                                                                Resource #

Veiel, Rudolf                                     2nd Panzer Division                                                              218

Veith, Richard                                   191st Reserve Division                                                         650

Vennemann                                       Propaganda Company                                                          438

Verlohr, Wilhelm                               T-27                                                                                    440

Versock, Kurt                                   24th Infantry Division                                                            650

Viebig, Wilhelm                                 277th Infantry Division, 277th Volksgrenadier Division         557; 650

Vierow, Erwin                                   9th Infantry Division, 96th Infantry Division                           650

Voelker, Kaspar                               69th Infantry Division                                                            650

Voelkers, Paul                                  78th Infantry Division                                                            650

Vogl, Oskar                                      167th Infantry Division                                                          650

Voichckovski                                    Admiral Scheer                                                                    357

Voightmann                                       11th Panzer Division                                                             298

Voigt, Wilhelm                                  German Army                                                                       384

Volkmann, Hellmuth                          94th Infantry Division                                                            650

Vollmer, Gunther                              3rd Company, 411th Grenadier Regiment, 122nd Inf. Div.     286

von Alberti, Konrad                          246th Infantry Division                                                          650

von Altrock, Wilhelm                         379th Infantry Division                                                         651

von Apell, Georg                               9th Infantry Division                                                              650

von Arlau, Ernst Pauer                       7th Infantry Division                                                              650

von Arnim, D. J.                                Army                                                                                    893

von Arnim, Hans-Heinrich Sixt          113th Infantry Division,95th Infantry Division,113th              

                                                         Infantry Division                                                                   240; 650

von Arnim, Hans-Joachim                 5th Luftwaffe Field Division                                                   651

von Arnim, Hans-Jurgen                    Afrika Korps, Fifth Panzer Army,52nd Infantry Division       269; 305; 382; 415; 540; 765; 839;650

von Baath, Hans-Gert                        1st Cossack Cavalry Division                                                651

von Basse, Hans                                30th Infantry Division                                                            650

von Bassewitz-Levetzaw, Werner      2nd Marine Division                                                              650

von Bauer, Ernst                                402nd Training Division, 716th Infantry Division                    651

von Bauer, Paul                                 189th Reserve Division                                                         650

von Behr, Heinrich                            173rd Reserve Division                                                         650

von Behr, Heinrich                            614th Special Purposes Division (Infantry Division "Jutland")  651

                                                         325th Infantry Division

von Below, Gerd-Paul                       615th Special Purposes Division                                           651

von Beneckendorf, und von

      Hindenburg, Oskar                      401st Replacement Division, 422nd Landesschutzen Division 651

von Bentivegni, Franz-Eccard            81st Infantry Division                                                            650

von Bercken, Werner                        102nd Infantry Division                                                         650

von Bercken, Werner                        102nd Infantry Division                                                         650

von Bercken, Werner                        558th Volksgrenadier Division                                               651

von Berg, Kurt                                  556th Infantry Division                                                          651

von Bessel, Arnold                            709th Infantry Division                                                          651

von Biedermann, Wolf                      7th Luftwaffe Field Division                                                    651

von Biegeleben, Arnold                     6th Infantry Division                                                              650

von Bischoffshausen, Lothar              4th Cavalry Brigade                                                              651

von Bissing, Wilhelm-Moritz              76th Infantry Division                                                            650      

von Bock, Fedor                              Army Group South                                                                241; 325; 503; 736

von Boeckmann, Herbert                  11th Infantry Division                                                            650

von Boehm                                       Kampfgruppe Boehm                                                            59

von Boehm-Bezing, Diether               153rd Field Training Division                                                650

von Boeselager, Georg                      3rd Cavalry Division                                                             651

von Bogen, Erich                              302nd Infantry Division, 370th Infantry Division                       56; 651

von Boineburg-Lengsfeld, Wilhelm    325th Security Division                                                         651

von Boltenstern, Werner                    402nd Replacement Division                                                651

von Bosse, Alexander                        1st Cossack Cavalry Division                                               651

von Both, Hans-Kuno                       21st Infantry Division                                                            650

von Bluecher, Johann-Albrecht         61st Infantry Division, 96th Infantry Division, 122nd

                                                        Infantry Division

von Brandenburg, Ernst                    Luftwaffe                                                                              736

von Brauchitsch, Berndt                    Hermann Goring's Staff                                                         178

von Brauchitsch, Walther                  Commanding General, German Army                                     272; 601; 736

von Brockdorff-Ahlenfeldt, Walter Graf    II Corps; XXVIII Corps                                                286

von Brodowski, Fritz                         404th Replacement Division, Field Replacement Division B    651

von Broich, Friedrich                         10th Panzer Division                                                              540

von Broich, Friedrich                         Division von Broich                                                                651

von Buddenbrock, Jobst                    212th Volksgrenadier Division                                               650

von Buelow, Werner                         111th Infantry Division                                                           650

von Buelow, Werner                         336th Infantry Division                                                           651

von Buenav, Rudolf                           73rd Infantry Division                                                            650

von Buttlar, Freiherr Edgar                11th Panzer Division                                                              298

von Buttlar-Brandenfels                     German Army                                                                       384

von Choltitz, Dietrich                         German Army, Military Commander of Paris, 260th

                                                         Infantry Division                                                                   736; 831; 650

von Chappius, Friedrich-Wilhelm        15th Infantry Division                                                           650

von Chaulin-Egersberg, Gaston           13th Flak Division                                                                651

von der Chevallerie, Kurt                    99th Jager Division, 7th Mountain Division                           651

von Choltitz, Dietrich                           Army, Military Commander of Paris                                    651; 893

von Cochenhausen, Conrad                134th Infantry Division                                                         650

von Collani, Ingo                                218th Infantry Division                                                         650

von Daniel, Alexander Freiherr Edler 376th Infantry Division                                                          371

von Daniels, Alexander                      6th Infantry Division                                                              650

von de Chevallerie, Kurt                    83rd Infantry Division                                                            650

von de Leyen, Ludwig                       12th Infantry Division                                                            650

von dem Bach-Zelewski, Erich          Chief of the Einsatzgruppen; Chief of Anti-Partisan Forces     55; 409

Von Der Heydte, Baron Friedrich      6th Fallschirmjager Regiment                                                 197; 255; 384; 434; 557

Von Der Heydte, Baron Freiherr        Army                                                                                   893

von der Hoop, Adrian                        613th Special Purposes Division                                           651

von der Lippe, Fritz                            432nd Landesschutzen Division                                            651

von der Mosel                                    Colonel, 2nd Parachute Division                                           651

von Dewitz von Krebs, Karl               191st Reserve Division                                                         650

von Digeon von Monteton, Albrecht    342nd Infantry Division, 391st Field Training Division          651

von Diringshofen, Max                        401st Replacement Division                                                 651

von Ditfurth, Wolfgang                        403rd Security Division, 403rd Landesschutzen Division      651

von Doehren, Georg                          712th Infantry Division                                                          651

von Drabich-Waecht3er, Viktor         326th Infantry Division                                                         651

von Drebber, Moritz                          297th Infantry Division                                                         651

von Eckardstein, Baron                     3rd Cavalry Division                                                             651

von Eichstadt, Werner                       294th Infantry Division, 387th Infantry Division                       56; 651

von Erdmannsdorff, Gottfried             465th Replacement Division                                                 651

von Fabrice, Eberhard                       166th Reserve Division, 166th Infantry Division, 172nd

                                                         Reserve Division                                                                   650

von Falkenhorst, Nikolaus                 Commander-in-Chief, Norway                                              436

von Falkenstein, Hans                        24th Infantry Division, 45th Infantry Division                         650

von Falkenstein, Hans                        707th Infantry Division                                                         651

von Fassong, Horst                           III Gruppe, Jagdgeschwader 11                                            353

von Finck, Baron                              198th Infantry Division                                                           650

von Foerster, Sigismund                    97th Jager Division                                                                651

von Fritsch, Werner                          Commander in Chief, German Army                                      390

von Gablenz, Eccard                         389th Infantry Division                                                          241

von Gablenz,, Eccard                        7th Infantry Division, 32nd Infantry Division, 232nd               650

                                                         Infantry Division

von Gablenz, Eccard                         384th Infantry Division, 404th Replacement Division              651

von Gersdorff, Gero                          411th Landesschutzen Division                                              651                                                                  

von Geyso, Eckkard                         193rd Replacement Division                                                  650

von Geyso, Eckkard                         709th Infantry Division                                                           651

von und zu Gilsa, Baron Werner        216th Infantry Divsion                                                           650

von Gimborn, Hermann                     177th Replacement Division aka (177th Mobilization             650


von Goeckel, Gunther                       Oflag XIIIB                                                                          432

von Gottberg, Wilhelm                      21st Panzer Division                                                              384

von Graevenitz, Hans                        237th Infantry Division                                                          650

von Graffen, Karl                              58th Infantry Division                                                            286; 650

von Greiffenberg, Hans                     Army                                                                                    727

von Greim, Robert Ritter                   Luftwaffe                                                                              765

von der Groeben, Peter                     3rd Cavalry Division                                                             651                               

von Groddeck, Karl -Albrecht          11th Infantry Division, 161st Infantry Division                        650

von Grolman, Helmuth                       4th Cavalry Division                                                             651

von Grolman, Wilhelm                       Leipzig Police Commander                                                   200

von Gyldenfeldt, Heinz                      Army Group South                                                               131

von Hadeln, Heinrich                        429th Landesschutzen Division                                              651

von Hammerstein, Curt                     XIII Corps                                                                            527

von Hammerstein-Equord, Guenther   460th Landesschutzen Division, 526th Frontier Guard           651

von Hartmann, Alexander                   6th Infantry Division                                                             650

von Hartmann, Alexander                  71st Infantry Division                                                            241

von Hase, Paul                                  46th Infantry Division, 52nd Infantry Division                        650

von Haydringen, Josef Brauner          42nd Jager Division                                                              651

von Hengl, Georg                               2nd Mountain Division                                                         651

von Henning, Wilhelm                         Volunteer Cadre Division (Freiwilligen-Stamms-Division)     651

                                                          19th Army Security Division, Volunteer Depot Division

von Heulsen, Botho                            62nd Infantry Division                                                          650

von, Heygendorff, Ralph                    162nd Infantry Division                                                        650

von Heyking, Rudiger                         6th Parachute Division, 6th Luftwaffe Field Division              651

von Hildebrandt, Hans                       21st Panzer Division                                                             540

von Hippel, Walter                            3rd Flak Division, 25th Flak Division, 27th Flak Division       651

von Hirschberg, Anton                       441st Landesschutzen Division, 554th Infantry Division         651

von Hirschfield, Hans (Harald?)         78th Volksgrenadier Division                                                650

von Hoesslin, Wilhelm                        188th Reserve Mountain Division, 188th Mountain Division  651

von Hofacker, Caesar                       German Army                                                                       414

von Hoffman, Helmut                         3rd Parachute Regiment Division                                           651

von Hofmann, Helmut                        9th Parachute Regiment                                                        557

von Hofmann, Karl-Heinz                  10th Parachute Division

von Hobe, Cord                                79th Volksgrenadier Division                                                650

von Holtey, Friedrich Wilhelm            3rd Cavalry Division                                                             651

von Horn, Hans-Joachim                   198th Infantry Division                                                          650

von Huelsen, Botho                            370th Infantry Division, 5th Luftwaffe Division                      651                                                   

von Hundersdorf, Walther                 6th Panzer Division                                                                446

von Hutten, Ulrich                            Infantry Division Ulrich von Hutten (3rd RAD Division)           651

von Keiser, Erich                             402nd Landesschutzen Division                                              651

von Kempski, Hans                          199th Infantry Division                                                           650

von Kiliani, Emmanuel                      253rd Infantry Division, 320th Volksgrenadier Division,          650; 651

                                                        545th Volksgrenadier

von Kirchbach, Harry                       214th Infantry Division                                                           650

von Kistowski, Werner                     Flak Assault Regiment 1                                                        384

von Kleist, Adolf                              Field Replacement Division A                                                 651

von Kleist, Paul L. Ewald                  Panzer Group 1; Panzer Group Kleist; Army Group A           266; 477; 527; 736

von Kluge, Gunther                           Army Group B; Army Group Center; OKW                         177; 234; 315; 375; 382; 409; 414; 446; 524; 664;

                                                                                                                                                     736; 831; 727

von Kluge, Hans                               Army                                                                                    893

von Kluge, Wolfgang                        226th Infantry Division                                                          650

von Kluge, Wolfgang                        292nd Infantry Division, 357th Infantry Division                     651

von Knobelsdorff, Otto                     XLVIII Panzer Corps                                                           446

von Koolwijk, Wilhelm                     9th Flak Division                                                                   651

von Kortzfleisch, Joachim                  1st Infantry Division                                                              650 

von Krempler, Karl                           German Army                                                                      46

von Kropff, Helmuth                         399th Infantry Division, 421st Landesschutzen Division         651

von Krosigk, Ernst-Anton                 24th Infantry Division, 1st Infantry Division                            650

von Kuechler, Georg                         Eighteenth Army; Army Group North                                   286; 342; 355; 581; 736; 651

von Kurowski, Eberhard                   110th Infantry Division                                                         650

von Lachemair, Otto                          16th Luftwaffe Field Division                                               651

von Langerman und Erlenkamp,          410th Landesschutzen Division, Division z.b.v. 410             651


von Larisch, Heribert                         78th Volksgrenadier Division, 129th Infantry Division           650

von Lauchert, Meinrad                      352nd Infantry Division; 2nd Panzer Division                         59; 88; 557

von Le Suire, Karl                             46th Infantry Division, 117th Jager Division                           650; 651   

von Leeb, Wilhelm Ritter                   Army Group North                                                               286; 342; 581; 736

von Leyser, Ernst                               269th Infantry Division                                                         650

von Liebenstein, Kurt                        Afrika Panzergrenadier Regiment, 164th Light Afrika             540; 651


von Loeper, Friedrich Wilhelm           81st Infantry Division, Infantry Division Friedrich Ludwig      650; 651

                                                         Jahn (2nd RAD Division)

von Louisenthal, La Salle                    92nd Infantry Division                                                          650

von Luck, Hans                                 Kampfgruppe Luck, 21st Panzer Division                             234; 281; 401; 845

von Ludwig, Kurt                               1st Flak Division, 28th Flak Division                                    651

von Ludwiger, Hartwig                       704th Infantry Division, 104th Jager Division                        651

von Luettwitz, Smilo                            Ninth Army                                                                        651

von Luetzow, Kurt-Juergen                12th Infantry Division                                                           650

von Luffwitz, Heinrich Freiherr            XLVII Corps                                                                      727

von Lungerhausen, Karl-Hans            Division Sardinia                                                                  651

von Luttwitz, Heinrich Freiherr           XLVII Panzer Corps                                                            59; 88; 534; 557

von Machenheim von Bechtoldsheim, 257th Infantry Division                                                         650

      Anton Reichard                           

von Mackensen, August                    German Army                                                                       477

von Mackensen, Eberhard                 Fourteenth Army; III Panzer Corps                                      51; 241; 503; 629; 839

von Manstein, Erich                           Eleventh Army; First Panzer Army; Army Group South        111; 160; 177; 233; 272; 294; 325; 446; 503; 527; 554;

                                                                                                                                                    601; 762

von Manstein, Erich                          Field Marshal; Army Group South                                         650; 651

von Manteuffel, Guenther                   1st Ski Jager Division                                                           651

von Manteuffel, Hasso Eccard           Fifth Panzer Army, Division von Manteuffel                           59; 87; 88; 344; 351; 382; 470; 534; 557; 651; 765; 727

von Massenbach, Freiherr                 Group Sauer                                                                        286

von Mauchenheim gennant                707th Infantry Division                                                          651

      Bechtolsheim, Gustav

von Mellenthin, Friedrich W.              XLVIII Panzer Corps, General Staff                                    446; 650

von Molo, Josef Alois                        444th Security Division                                                        651

von Monteton, Albrecht Digeon        52nd Security Division, 206th Infantry Division                      650

von Muehlen, Kurt                             559th Grenadier Division, 559th Volksgrenadier Division     651

von Nagy, Emmerich                         538th Frontier Guard Division                                              651

von Neidermayer, Oscar Ritter          162nd Infantry Division                                                        650

von Neindorff, Egon                          6th Infantry Division, 137th Infantry Division,                        650; 651

                                                        Divisiongruppe 137, Corps Detachment E, 216th Infantry

                                                        Division, 189th Reserve Division, 356th Infantry Division

von Neumann, Friedrich-Wilhelm     340th Infantry Division, 712th Infantry Division                     651

von Nordenskjoeld, Alex                 4th Cavalry Brigade                                                             651

von Obernitz, Justin                          24th Infantry Division, 190th Infantry Division, 293rd           650; 651

                                                        Infantry Division                                                       

von Obstfelder, Hans                        LXXXVI Corps; XXIX Corps; Seventh Army, 28th            234; 241; 281; 538; 651

                                                        Infantry Division

von Oppeln-Bronikowski, Hermann  21st Panzer Division                                                             371; 384

von Oppen, Rudolf                           338th Infantry Division, 352nd Volksgrenadier Division        651

                                                        805th Replacement Division (Division NR. 805)

von Oriola, Ralph                             72nd Infantry Division, 299th Infantry Division                      650; 651

von Oven, Karl                                 56th Infantry Division, 393rd Infantry Division                      650; 651

von Pampel Pamberg, Bernhard        Corps Detachment D, 230th Infantry Division (Coastal         650


von Pampel Papenav, Bernhard        71st Infantry Division                                                             650           

von Pannwitz, Helmuth                      German Army, 1st Cossack Cavalry Division                        46; 651

von Plotho, Wolfgang                       269th Infantry Division, 285th Security Division                      650

von Pohl, E. R.                                  Luftwaffe                                                                             765

von Poncet, Hans                              Leipzig Military Commander                                                 200

von Porschinger, Joachim Ritter         Panzer Lehr Division                                                            557

von Puttkamer, Alfred                        408th Replacement Division                                                651

von Puttkamer, Karl Jesko                Adolf Hitler's Staff                                                                384

von Raesfeld, Werner                       102nd Infantry Division                                                          650

von Rantzav, Heino                            2nd Flak Division                                                                 651

von Rappard, Fritz-Georg                 7th Infantry Division, 83rd Infantry Division                            650

von Reibnitz, Leopold                        151st Reserve Division                                                         650

von Reichenau, Walther                    Sixth Army, 10th Army-Army Group South                           263; 736

von Reichenau, Walther                    German Army, Field Marshal                                                 650

von Reinerdorff-Paczensky und       

       Tenczin, Dietrich                        711th Infantry Division                                                          651                              

von  Rekowski, Siegfried                   76th Infantry Division, 106th Infantry Division, 156th            650

                                                         Field Training Division, 156th Infantry Division

von Renz, Otto-Wilhelm                    4th Flak Division                                                                  651

von Reuss, Richard-Heinrich              62nd Infantry Division                                                          650

von Ribbentrop, Rudolf                     1st SS Panzer Division                                                          446

von Richtofen, Wolfram                    VIII Fliegerkorps; Commander Luftwaffe, southern Russia     241; 325; 503; 736; 765

von Rittberg, Georg                           88th Infantry Division                                                            650

von Robenau, Friedrich                     73rd Infantry Division                                                            650

von Roden, Emmo                             286th Security Division                                                         650

von Rohr, Hanns (Hans)                    715th Infantry Division, 5th Jager Division                              158; 651

von Roman, Rudolf                            35th Infantry Division                                                            650

von Roques, Franz                             177th Replacement Division                                                  650

von Roques, Karl                               143rd Replacement Division                                                 650

von Rosen, Richard Freiherr              3rd Company, 503rd Heavy Panzer Battalion                       234; 281

von Rost, Hans-Guenther                   44th Infantry Division                                                            650

von Rothkirch und Trach, Erwin        330th Infantry Division                                                            651

von Rundstedt, Gerd                         Army Group A; Army Group South; OB West                      59; 97; 268; 272; 325; 375; 382; 384; 414; 524; 534; 557;

                                                                                                                                                     578; 601; 736; 765; 650

von Saldern, Sylvester                        356th Infantry Division                                                         651

von Salmuth, Hans                             Seventeenth Army                                                                241; 384

von Saur, Otto                                   407th Replacement Division                                                  651

von Schacky und Schonfeld,              165th Reserve Division, 413th Replacement Division           650; 651


von Scheele, Hans-Karl                     208th Infantry Division                                                         650

von Schellwitz, Friedrich                    23rd Infantry Division, 305th Infantry Division                      650; 651

von Schlebruegge,                             Colonel, 1st Ski Jager Division                                             651                          

von Schleicher, Kurt                          German Army                                                                      736

von Schleinitz, Siegmund                    9th Infantry Division, 361st Infantry Division, 402nd             650; 651

                                                         Replacement Division                       

von Schleinitz, Joachim                      96th Infantry Division                                                           650

von Schlieben, Carl Wilhelm              German Army                                                                      419

von Schlieben, Karl-Wilhelm             208th Infantry Division, 709th Infantry Division                     650; 651

von Schmettow, Rudolf                     319th Infantry Division                                                          651

von Scholtz, Fritz                               11th SS Freiwillige Panzergrenadier Division                        355

von Schramm, Wilhelm                      German Army                                                                      384

von Schuckman, Eberhard                 71st Infantry Division, 352nd Infantry Division, 352nd          650; 651

                                                         Volksgrenadier Division, 385th Infantry Division

von Schultz, Hans-Joachim                2nd Cossack Cavalry Division                                              651

von Schweinitz, Viktor                       Army Group C                                                                    289

von Schweppenburg, Leo Frieherr Geyr  Panzer Group West                                                        403; 415; 845

von Schwerin,                                  Lt. General, 617th Special Purposes Division                        651

von Schwerin, Bogislav                     207th Security Division, 221st Security Division, 442nd        650; 651

                                                        Landesschutzen Division                                               

von Schwerin, Gerhard                     254th Infantry Division, 8th Infantry Division                          650; 651

von Schwerin, Gerhard Graf              8th Jager Division                                                                 286

Von Schwerin, Manfred                    431st Landesschutzen Division                                              651

von Schwerin, Richard                       79th Infantry Division, 189th Reserve Division                      241; 650

von Scotti, Friedrich                           227th Infantry Division                                                         650

von Seeckt, Hans                              German Army                                                                       736; 765

von Senger und Etterlin, Fridolin         XIV Panzer Corps                                                              292; 594; 629; 765; 831

von Seydlitz, Walter                           Sixth Army                                                                         294; 595

von Seydlitz-Kurzbach, Walter           LI Corps, 12th Infantry Division                                          241; 286; 650

von Siegroth, Joachim                         712th Infantry Division                                                       651

von Sodenstern, Georg                       Nineteenth Army                                                                403

von Sommerfeld, Hans                        306th Infantry Division, 462nd Volksgrenadier Division,     651

                                                           526th Frontier Guard Division

von Sponeck, Hans                            22nd Air Landing Division                                                   650

von Stauffenberg, Claus Count Schenk  German Army                                                                  268; 414

von Stockhausen, Wilhelm-Hunold     281st Security Division                                                        286

von Stachwitz, Mauritz (St(r)achwitz   87th Infantry Division                                                          650

von Stauffenberg, Claus                     Home Army                                                                         650

von Stein, Johann                               431st Landesschutzen                                                          651

von Stockhausen, Wilhelm-Hunold    281st  Security Division                                                         650

von Stolzmann, Hans-Joachim            31st Infantry Division, 31st Grenadier Division, 31st             650

                                                          Volksgrenadier Division

von Studnitz, Bogislav                        87th Infantry Division                                                            650

von Stulpnagel, Carl Heinrich             Military Governor of France                                                 414

von Stumme, Georg                           Afrika Korps                                                                       765

von Stumpfeld, Hans-Joachim            6th Infantry Division                                                             650

von Templehof, Hans George            Army Group B                                                                     384

von Tettau, Hans                               24th Infantry Division, 604th Special Purposes Division        650; 651

von Thadden, Henning                       1st Infantry Division                                                             650

von Tiedemann, Karl                         207th Infantry Division, 207th Security Division                    650

von Tippleskirch, Kurt                       30th Infantry Division; Twenty-first Army Group                  286; 316; 482; 650

von Treschow, Joachim                     328th Infantry Division, 18th Luftwaffe Field Division           651

von Tschudi, Rudolf                          333rd Infantry Division, 464th Replacement Division            651

von Uckermann, Horst                      160th Reserve Division, 218th Infantry Division; 469th         650; 651

                                                         Special Administrative Division Staff

von Unger, Friedrich                          196th Infantry Division                                                        650

von Unold, Georg                               252nd Infantry Division                                                       650

von Vaerst, Gustav                            Fifth Panzer Army                                                                540

von Varendorff, Amelung                   U-47; U-213                                                                       67; 592

von Viebahn, Max                             257th Infantry Division                                                          650

von Vietinghoff, Heinrich                    General, Tenth Army                                                            51; 158; 594; 765; 785; 651

von Vietinghoff-Scheel, Heinrich         Army Group North; Army Group C                                     4; 289

von Vormann, Nikolaus                      XLVI Panzer Corps; XLVII Panzer Corps; Ninth Army      55; 294

von Wachter, Friedrich-Karl             159th Reserve Division, 225th Infantry Division, 227th          650

                                                         Infantry Division, 267th Infantry Division

von Wagner, Herbert                         24th Infantry Division                                                          650   

von Waldau, Hoffman                        Luftwaffe                                                                             765

von Waldenburg, Siegfried                 116th Panzer Division                                                          557

von Waldow, Ulrich                           141st Reserve Division                                                        650

von Wartenberg, Bodo                      Volunteer Cadre Division                                                     651

von Wedel, Hermann                         10th Luftwaffe Field Division                                               355; 651

von Weichs, Maximillian Freiherr       Second Army; Army Group B                                              371; 503

von Weikersthel, Walther Fischer      35th Infantry Division                                                           650

von Wenk, Richard zu und                461st Replacement Division                                                  651

von Werra, Franz                              Luftwaffe                                                                             400

von Westernhagen, Hein                    501st SS Heavy Panzer Battalion, 1st SS Panzer Division    250

von Westphalen                                 24th Regiment Danmark, 11sth SS Panzergrenadier Div.      355

von Wickede, Thomas-Emil               30th Infantry Division                                                           650

von Wickende, Thomas-Emil             30th Infantry Division                                                           286

von Wietersheim, Wendt                   11th Panzer Division; LI Panzer Corps                                  40; 267; 298; 382; 831

von Wild, Wolfgang                           Air Command South                                                            325

von Witzleben, Erwin                        German Army                                                                       736

von Witzleben, Hermann                    3rd Marine Division, 243rd Infantry Division, Division          650; 651

                                                         NR. 905


von Wrede, Theodor Freiherr            290th Infantry Division                                                         286; 650

von Zangen, Gustav                          Army Group von Zangen                                                       292

von Zangen, Gustav-Adolf                17th Infantry Divison                                                             650

von Ziehlberg, Gustav Heistermann    65th Infantry Division                                                            650

von Zuelow, Alexander                     83rd Infantry Division                                                            650

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