German Military Personnel That Served in WWII

Last Name Beginning With (W)

Updated 4/24/10

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Name                                Unit(s)/Ship(s)                                                                         Resource #

Wache                                         4th Company, 26th Panzer Regiment, 26th Panzer Division                              439

Wachsmuth, Werner                     163rd Infantry Division                                                                                    650

Wachter, Otto                              Military Governor, Galicia area of Ukraine                                                       527

Wagner                                        10th Company, Der Fuhrer Regiment, 2nd SS Panzer Division                         258

Wagner, Eduard                           German Army                                                                                                 177

Wagner, Hans                              269th Infantry Division                                                                                     650

Wagner, Herburt                          132nd Infantry Division                                                                                    120

Wagner, Jurgen                            4th SS Freiwillige Panzergrenadier Brigade Nederland                                      355

Wagner, Werner                          276th Volksgrenadier Division                                                                          650

Wahle                                          4th Company, 26th Panzer Regiment, 26th Panzer Division                               439

Wahle, Carl                                  47th Infantry Division, 214th Infantry Division                                                   650

Waldmuller, Hans                         Kampfgruppe Waldmuller                                                                                281

Walter, Helmuth                           87th Infantry Division, 166th Infantry Division                                                   650

Walz                                            U-47, cook                                                                                                     592

Wandel, Martin                             121st Infantry Division                                                                                     650

Warlimont, Walter                        German Army, OKW                                                                                      384

Warnecke, Fritz                            62nd Volksgrenadier Division, 256th Infantry Division                                      650

Wassmann                                    German Army                                                                                                 477

Watchel, Max                               Flak Regiment 155(W)                                                                                   162

Wawrock, Ernst                           13th Company, 28th Jager Regiment, 8th Jager Division                                   286

Weber, Alois                                78th Volksgrenadier Division                                                                           650

Weber, Erich                                79th Volksgrenadier Division                                                                           650

Weber, Friedrich                           131st Infantry Division, 256th Infantry Division                                                650

Weber, Gottfried                           61st Infantry Division, 81st Infantry Division, 93rd Infantry Division, 96th         650

                                                     Infantry Division

Weckmann, Kurt                          274th Infantry Division                                                                                    650

Wegelein, Helmuth                        Regiment Wegelein                                                                                         487

Wegener, Wilhelm                        32nd Infantry Division                                                                                     286; 650                       

Weichs zur Glon, Maximilian         German Army                                                                                                 46

Weichselbaum                              5th Company, 4th Panzer Regiment, 2nd Panzer Division                                 218; 332

Weidinger, Otto                           2nd SS Panzer Division                                                                                    258

Weidling, Helmuth                        Berlin Defense                                                                                                 190

Weidling, Helmuth                        86th Infantry Division                                                                                       650

Weinknecht, Friedrich-August      79th Infantry Division, 82nd Infantry Division                                                      56; 650

Weise, Friedrich                           Nineteenth Army                                                                                             423

Weisenberger, Karl                       71st Infantry Division                                                                                      650

Weiss, Walter                               26th Infantry Division                                                                                      650

Weitzel, Karl                                5th Staffel, Jagdgeschwader 53                                                                       103

Wellner, Horst                              U-14                                                                                                              67

Welsch, Willi                                902nd Panzergrenadier Regiment, Panzer Lehr Division                                   208

Wenck, Walter                            12th Army                                                                                                       200; 765

Wendt, Fritz "Friedolin"                6th Fallschirmjager Regiment                                                                           384

Wengler, Maximilian                     83rd Infantry Division, 227th Infantry Division                                                 650

Wentz, Edwin                               Replacement Company, Herman Goring Panzer Division                                 629

Werner                                        1st Lieutenant, 9th Antiaircraft Regiment                                                          595

Werner, Hans                              German Army                                                                                                 827

Werner, Hans-Joachim                Jagdgeschwader 54                                                                                         353

Werner-Ehrenfeucht, Heinz-Joachim    23rd Panzer Division                                                                                241

Werner, Oskar                            German Army                                                                                                  465

Westhoff, Adolf                           122nd Infantry Division                                                                                    650

Westphal, Siegfried                      Army Group C; 164th Light Afrika Division                                                     650; 651

Wetzel, Wilhelm                          255th Infantry Division                                                                                      650

Wever, Walther                           Luftwaffe                                                                                                         736

Wicker, Heinrich                          Dachau Concentration Camp                                                                           130

Wiedmann, Siegfried                    2nd Company, 508th Heavy Panzer Battalion                                                   158

Wiese, Friedrich                          Nineteenth Army                                                                                              40; 57

Wiese, Friedrich                          26th Infantry Division                                                                                        650

Wiese, Johannes                          Jagdgeschwader 77                                                                                          353

Wilberg, Helmut                          Condor Legion; Luftwaffe                                                                                 418

Wilck, Gerhard                            246th Infantry Division, 246th Volksgrenadier Division                                     650

Wilck, Hermann                          161st Infantry Division; 454th Security Division; 708th Infantry Division             650; 651

Wilhelm of Prussia, Prince            1st Infantry Division                                                                                         650

Wilkening, Ludz                           352nd Infantry Division                                                                                    384

Willich, Fritz                                 166th Replacement Division                                                                            650

Windeck, Hans                             152nd Replacement Division                                                                           650

Windesch                                     Colonel, 9th Antiaircraft Regiment (Motorized)                                                595

Windisch, Alois                            264th Infantry Division, 281st Infantry Division                                                650

Winkler, Hans                              2nd SS Medical Company, 2nd SS Panzer Division                                         557

Winkler, Hermann                        153rd Grenadier Division                                                                                650

Winter, Paul                                 30th Infantry Division                                                                                      650

Winter, Werner                            U-103                                                                                                             453

Wintergerst, Karl                          210th Infantry Division (Coastal Defense)                                                        650

Wintermeyer, Max                       U-190                                                                                                             160

Wirtz, Richard                              96th Infantry Division                                                                                       650

Wisch, Theodor "Teddy"              1st SS Panzer Division "LAH"                                                                          234; 281; 315

Wissmann, Alfred                         4th Company, 2nd SS Panzer Regiment, 2nd SS Panzer Division "Das Reich"  107

Wissmath, Walter                        19th Volksgrenadier Division, 24th Infantry Division, 199th Infantry Division      650

Witt, Fritz                                    12th SS Panzer Division                                                                                   349

Witteborn, Hermann                    12th Staffel, Lehrgeschwader 1                                                                        541

Witthoeft, Joachim                       86th Infantry Division                                                                                       650

Wittke, Walter                            170th Infantry Division                                                                                      650

Wittman, Michael                        13th Heavy Panzer Company; 101st SS Heavy Panzer Battalion                       234; 281; 415; 438; 446

Wittstatt, Christian                       133rd Fortress Division                                                                                    650                                                       

Witzig, Rudolf                              7th Air Division                                                                                                213

Wodarczyk, Heinz                       Jagdgeschwader 26                                                                                         28; 353; 384; 765

Woessner, Eugen                         262nd Infantry Division, 197th Infantry Division                                               650

Wohler, Otto                               Eighth Army; Army Group South                                                                     250; 294

Wolff, Kurt                                  22nd Air Landing Division                                                                                650

Wolff, Ludwig                             22nd Air Landing Division                                                                                 650

Wolff, Werner                             7th SS Panzer Company, 1st SS Panzer Division                                              281

Woll, Balthasar                            13th Heavy Panzer Company                                                                           446

Wollmann, Walter                        258th Infantry Division                                                                                     650

Wortmann, Karl                           Kampfgruppe Peiper                                                                                       557

Woytasch, Kurt                           180th Replacement Division, 181st Infantry Division                                         650

Wuensch, Anton                          6th Fallschirmjager Regiment                                                                            384

Wunsche, Max                            12th SS Panzer Division                                                                                   281

Wuestenhagen, Albrecht              256th Infantry Division, 110th Infantry Division                                                 650

Wurmheller, Josef                        III Gruppe, Jagdgeschwader 2                                                                         28

Wuthmann, Rolf                           112th Infantry Division                                                                                     650

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