Japanese Military Personnel That Served in WWII

Last Name Beginning With (U)

Updated 01/30/08

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Name                                             Unit(s)                                                                                        Resource #

Uchida, Kinischi                                1st Company,  Maizuru Second Special Naval Landing Force         352

Uchino, Shinji                                    I-10                                                                                               160

Uchiyama, Eitaro                               Lieutenant General, Fifteenth Area Army                                         599

Udo, Takehido                                 2nd Infantry Unit, 44th Independent Mixed Brigade                          280; 302

Ugaki, Hiromitsu                               Japanese Navy                                                                                565

Ugaki, Matome                                 Fifth Air Fleet; Chief of Staff, Combined Fleet                                 154; 280; 301; 343; 553; 565; 737; 765

Umezu, Yoshijiro                               Japanese Army, Chief of Staff                                                        765

Uno, Kameo                                     I-52                                                                                               160

Ushijima, Mitsuru                              Thirty-second Army, Okinawa Defense Forces                               145; 156; 188; 280; 301; 302; 374; 765


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