Japanese Military Units That Served in WWII

Name Beginning With (3)

Updated 6/30/09

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Name                                                                         Resource #

3rd Air Fleet                                                                                   765

3rd Air Division                                                                               275

3rd Battalion, 15th Infantry Regiment, 14th Division                         211; 287

3rd Battalion, 143rd Infantry Regiment, 55th Infantry Division          199

3rd Battleship Division                                                                     485

3rd Carrier Division                                                                        754

3rd Chutai, 248th Sentai                                                                 116

3rd Company, Maizuru Second Special Naval Landing Force         352

3rd Kure Special Naval Landing Force                                           249

30th Infantry Division                                                                      831

31st Infantry Division                                                                      256

31st Naval Communications Unit                                                    155

33rd Sentai                                                                                     33

35th Infantry Brigade                                                                       479; 584

36th Infantry Division                                                                      831

38th Division                                                                                   754

362nd Naval Pioneer Unit                                                               249


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