Soviet Military Personnel That Served in WWII

Last Name Beginning With (G)

Updated 4/21/09

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Name                                    Unit(s)/Ship(s)                                                            Resource #

Galitsky, Kuzhma Nikitovich             Eleventh Guards Army                                                                    126

Getman, Andrei L.                            Soviet Army                                                                                    446

Godov, Boris                                    413th Siberian Division                                                                    573

Goloborodko, Grigori                       1st Ukrainian Front                                                                         132

Gorbatov, A. V.                                Third Army                                                                                     277

Gordeyev, D. V.                               255th Naval Infantry Brigade                                                           273

Gordov, V.N.                                   Thirty-sixth Army                                                                            527

Gorodnyanskii, A. M.                       Sixth Army                                                                                      241

Gorshkov, S.                                    Red Army                                                                                       56

Gorshkov, Sergei G.                         Azov Flotilla                                                                                    64

Govorov, Leonid A.                          Fifth Army; Leningrad Front                                                            4; 355; 581

Grechkin, Alexey A.                         Ninth Army                                                                                      762

Grechko, Andrey A.                         Fifty-sixth Army                                                                               762

Grendal, V. D.                                  Thirteenth Army                                                                              17

Gryaznov, A. S.                               1st Guards Rifle Corps                                                                     286

Gubanov, Boris                                73rd Fighter Regiment, Red Air Force                                              260

Gusev                                               General, XIII Cavalry Corps                                                           581

Gutyrya                                            Red Army                                                                                       177


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