Soviet Military Personnel That Served in WWII

Last Name Beginning With (P)

Updated 4/21/09

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Name                                Unit(s)                                                                                 Resource #

Pasportnikova, Ina               73rd Fighter Regiment, Red Air Force                                               260

Pavlichenko, Liud mila         Russian Army, Sevastopol                                                                 325

Pavlov, Dimitri                     Russian Army                                                                                    317

Petrov, I. E.                         North Caucuses Front                                                                       273; 762

Petrov, Ivan Y.                    Independent Maritime Army; Fourth Ukrainian Front                         325; 538

Pliev, P. A.                           III Guards Cavalry Corps                                                                371

Pliev, P. S.                           Group Pliev                                                                                      56

Podlas, K. P.                        Fifty-seventh Army                                                                          241

Pokryshin, Alexander            Soviet Air Force                                                                              765

Polozkov, V. I.                     XVIII Tank Corps                                                                           56

Popel, N. K.                        8th Mechanized Corps                                                                      266

Popov, Markian M.              Stalingrad Front                                                                                371

Potapov                                79th Brigade                                                                                    325

Potapov, A. S.                      255th Naval Infantry Brigade                                                           273

Potapov, M. I.                      Fifth Army                                                                                       266

Ptashnikov                            Russian Army                                                                                   573

Pukhov, N.P.                        Thirteenth Army                                                                               527

Purkayev, M. A.                   Third Shock Army                                                                           286

Purkayev, Maksim                Second Far Eastern Front                                                                157


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