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Name                              Unit(s)                                                                 Resource #

Sakharov, I. K.                          1st Division, Russian National Liberation Army                        268

Salomaten, Alexei                      73rd Fighter Regiment, Red Air Force                                     260

Schlemin, I. T.                           Forty-sixth Army                                                                     56

Shanina, Roza                            Red Army                                                                               170

Shaposhnikov, Boris                  Chief of the General Staff                                                         581

Shatilov, V. M.                          150th Rifle Division                                                                 190

Shevelev, Leonid                        Russian Army                                                                         573

Shilov, A. M.                             Russian Army                                                                         342

Shvetov, Vasili I.                        29th Army                                                                              258           

Silvashko, Alexander                 1st Ukrainian Front                                                                 132

Skriabin, Vassili Antonovich       German Intelligence                                                                35

Skripkin, P. A.                           181st Tank Brigade                                                                446

Skudrin                                      98th Infantry Division                                                              355

Smirnov, K. N.                          Second Air Army                                                                    371

Sokolov, S.V.                            Soviet Army                                                                           527

Sokolovsky, Vasily                    1st Belorussian Front                                                              190

Sorokin, V.                                Russian Army                                                                         573

Starikov, F. N.                           Eighth Army                                                                           355

Sukhanov, Mikhail                     118th Infantry Division                                                            200

Sukhomlin                                  Eighth Army                                                                           355

Suslin, E. S.                               Russian Army                                                                         573

Sviridov, V. P.                           Russian Army                                                                         355


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