Updated 6/13/07

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Name                                    Unit(s)                                                                                        Resource #

Tanaschishin, T. I.                    XIII Mechanized Corps                                                                  371

Temkin, Gabriel                       Russian Army                                                                                 177

Timoshenko, Semyon K.         Western Front; Southwest Front                                                      17; 233; 241; 286

Tipanov, A. F.                        64th Guards Infantry Division                                                            355

Tolbukhin, Fyodor (Fedor) I.  Third Ukrainian Front; Fifty-seventh Army                                        56; 294; 371

Trofimenko, S. G.                   Twenty-seventh Army                                                                      56

Trufanov, Kuzma                    Fifth Guards Tank Army                                                                   446

Trufanov, Nikolai I.                 Fifty-first Army; Leipzig Military Commander                                   200; 371

Trukhin, Fedor                        2nd Division, Russian National Liberation Army                               268

Tscherepanov                          Russian Army                                                                                 200

Tsessarsky, Albert                   Russian Army                                                                                 573


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