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Name                                     Unit(s)                                                                                  Resource #

Vasilevsky, Alexander M.                   3rd Belorussian Front; General Staff; Soviet Far East Command                  126; 157; 277; 433; 446

Vasilyev, I. V.                                    34th Tank Division                                                                                      266

Vatutin, Nikolai F.                             1st Ukrainian Front; Southwest Front; Voronezh Front                                 294; 371; 446

Vinogradov, B. I.                               3rd Belorussian Front                                                                                  277

Vlasov, Andrey Andreyevich              99th Infantry Division; 14th Mechanized Corps;                                           35; 268; 538; 581

                                                          Ukrainian Front; 20th Army; Volkhov Front; KONR Army

Volkhov                                             131st Guards Regiment                                                                               355

Volsky, V. T.                                     IV Mechanized Corps                                                                                 371        

Volynsky, Leonid                               Russian Army                                                                                              177

Voroshilov, K. Y.                              Leningrad Front                                                                                           342

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