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Name                                                                            Resource #

2nd Baltic Front                                                                                  4; 120; 233 

2nd Belorussian Front                                                                         126; 132; 502

2nd Division, Russian National Liberation Army (KONR)                    268; 538

2nd Guards Rifle Corps                                                                       286

2nd Guards Tank Corps                                                                     126; 233

2nd Shock Army                                                                                233; 268

2nd Tank Army                                                                                  233

2nd Ukrainian Front                                                                            233; 294

20th Army                                                                                          268

21st Tank Brigade                                                                              258

21st Tank Corps                                                                                241

22nd Mechanized Corps                                                                    233; 266

23rd Tank Corps                                                                               241

24th Ski Brigade                                                                                258

25th Infantry Division                                                                          273; 325

27th Army, 2nd Ukrainian Front                                                         233

27th Army, Voronezh Front                                                                233

28th Army, 3rd Belorussian Front                                                       233

28th Tank Division                                                                              277

29th Army                                                                                          258

233rd Tank Brigade                                                                            294

241st Rifle Division                                                                             277

255th Naval Infantry Brigade                                                              273

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