Soviet Military Units That Served in WWII

Name Beginning With (5)

Updated 05/12/10

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Name                                                                           Resource #

5th Army, 3rd Belorussian Front                                                         233

5th Bomber Corps                                                                             126

5th Cavalry Corps                                                                              241

5th Guards Airborne Brigade                                                              893

5th Guards Bomber Corps                                                                 126

5th Guards Corps                                                                              126

5th Guards Tank Army                                                                       4; 277; 294

5th Mechanized Corps, Western Front                                                233

5th Tank Army                                                                                   233

51st MTAP                                                                                        502

52nd Army                                                                                         268

55th Tank Regiment, 28th Tank Division                                             277

58th Guards Division                                                                          289

58th Tank Brigade                                                                              258

59th Army                                                                                          268

59th Regiment                                                                                    146

563rd Separate Tank Battalion                                                            273

586th Fighter Regiment, Red Air Force                                               260

587th Fighter Regiment, Red Air Force                                               260

588th Night Bomber Regiment, Red Air Force                                    260

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