U.S. Naval Vessels That Served in WWII

Name Beginning With (J)

Updated 11/23/10

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Name                          Ship Type                            Resource #

J.W. McAndrews                Troop Transport                              893

Jacob Jones                         Destroyer                                        445; 453

James Parker                        Troop Transport                             482

Janssen                                 Destroyer Escort                            160

Jarvis                                    Destroyer                                       754

Jenks                                    Destroyer Escort                            448

Jeremiah O'Brien                   Merchant Ship                               525

John C. Butler                       Destroyer Escort                            48; 151

John D. Ford                        Destroyer                                       180

John Paul Jones                     Destroyer                                       565

John V. Power                      Destroyer                                       254

John W. Brown                     Merchant Ship                                525

Johnston                               Destroyer                                       48; 58; 151; 565; 765

Joseph C. McAndrew           Transport                                       475

Joseph V. Connolly                Transport                                       506

Josiah Snelling                       Freighter                                        154

Juneau                                  Light Cruiser                                   416; 726


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