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Those Who Served in the United States Army Air Force in World War II

Click here to submit a name for this index.

US Army Air Corps

Froggatte, Ralph Willard - Submitted by Virginia Froggatte (wife)

Gilbert, William Clayton - 27th Air Depot Group - Submitted by himself

Henry, Eugene M. - B-17 gunner, 94th Bomb Group - Submitted by Thomas, James and Charles Laham (nephews)

Hundley, Harold H. - 823rd Bomb Squadron, 38th Bomb Group, 5th Air Force - Flight Maintenance Gunner on a B-25 - Submitted by Martha Schoonover (daughter)

Jenkins, Forrest Edward (Jinx) - 861st Engineer Squadron - Munitions and Bomb Armorer - Submitted by Pat Garret (daughter)

Kehler Jr., Fred - Submitted by William C. Gilbert (brother-in-law)

Kieffer, Henry J. - Glider mechanic.  Submitted by Erik J. Runge (grand nephew)

Kieffer, John C. - Tail gunner, 8th Air Force.  Submitted by Erik J. Runge (grandson)

Lee, Harold "Bill" - Glider mechanic, 94th Troop Carrier Squadon - Submitted by Carol Lee (daughter)

Liljedahl, John Bruce - Pilot, 372nd Bomb Squadron, 307th Bomb GGroup - Submitted by Nancy Liljedahl Hall (daughter)

Long, Franklin R. - 105th and 145th Army Airways Communication System Squadron - Submitted by Beth Morrow (daughter)

Mauser, Irving - 603rd Bomb Squadron, 398th Bomb Group, Eighth Air Force - Submitted by Alan Mauser Emus (son)

McGarrity, Michael J. - 321st Services Squadron, 320th Services Group. - Submitted by Thomas P. McGarrity (son)

Palmer, Millard "Lefty" - 73rd Bomb Wing - Submitted by himself

Parafinski (Paran), Edward W. - 38th Troop Carrier Squadron - Submitted by June Gerken (daughter)

Parks, E.W. (Pat) - Submitted by Kelly Parks (son)

Peterson, Blair - gunner and electronics engineer on B-29's stationed on Saipan - Submitted by William Ortlund (cousin)

Pearce, Richard - Photographer onboard B-29's, Pacific Theater - Submitted by Allen Cooley (acquaintance)

Redburn, Melvin Wilcox (Willis) - Radio Operator, 559th Signal Aircraft Waarning Battalion - Submitted by Barbara Redburn (family)

Redburn, Ralph Albert - Base Engineer, Hickam Field, Hawaii - Submitted by Barbara Redburn (family)

Reed, Robert W. - 3rd Photo Reconnaissance Squadron - Submitted by Ronald Reed (nephew)

Reynolds, Homer L. - Gunner, 460th Bomb Group, Fifteenth Air Force - Submitted by George D. Reynolds (brother)

Savino, Dominick Robert - 1st Sergeant - Submitted by Nina Savino (daughter)

Stone, Clifford - B-24 Pilot, 460th Bomb Group - Submitted by Allen Cooley (acquaintance)

Walter, Jack C. - 25th Station Complement Squadron; H Co., 304th I.R., 76th I.D.; M Co., 393rd I.R., 99th I.D. - Submitted by Bill and Cletia Chandler (son-in-law & daughter)


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