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Those Who Served in the United States Navy in World War II

Click here to submit a name for this index.

United States Navy in World War II

Afton, John Daynne - Electrician's Mate, 2nd Class, USS Hamlin - Submitted by himself

Bagley, Leon "Lee" Everett - 40th Naval Construction Battalion - Electrician's Mate, 2nd Class - Submitted by Rachael Bagley (wife)

Brown, Donelda - Submitted by Allen Cooley (acquaintance)

Cooley, Lloyd - Submitted by Allen Cooley (grandson)

Crippen, Paul David - Submitted by Tina C. Gilbert (cousin)

Crippen, Walter Eugene - Submitted by Tina C. Gilbert (cousin)

Deal, Robert Edgar - Sonar man, 2nd Class, USS Alfred A. Cunningham; USS Robert E. Peary - Submitted by Tim Deal (son)

Dunbar, Robert Lavern - Submitted by Dutch Dunbar (son)

Eberhard, Rollan K. - Radioman, Third Class (ship or station unknown) - Submitted by Louise Eberhard (wife)

Gabel, Richard L. - Bosun's Mate, USS Robinson - Submitted by himself

Goldsmith, James Wade - Medic - Submitted by Jerry Goldsmith (nephew)

Goldsmith, Kenneth Edward - Submitted by Jerry Goldsmith (nephew)

Goldsmith, Stanley - USS California - Submitted by Jerry Goldsmith (nephew)

Hallock, Rex - Amphibious Communications Unit - Submitted by the Rex Hallock Family

Holmes, Richard E. - Submitted by Kelly Parks (nephew)

Johnson, Gordon C. - Store Keeper, 3rd Class, USS Gratia andd USS Rutland - Submitted by Tim Johnson (son)

Metcalf, Ralph J. - Lieutenant Commander, Physician - Submitted by Morgan Metcalf (son)

Miles, Edgar "Eddie" - Served aboard the USS Tucker and USS Laub, Signalman, First Class - Submitted by the E. E. Miles Family

Neff, John Junior - Great Lakes Naval Hospital & LST-730, Pharmacist's Mate - Submitted by Tim Johnson (nephew)

Redburn, Howard Ralph - Radioman - Submitted by Barbara Redburn (wife)

Sanborn, Keith - Submitted by himself

Sanborn, Wanda - Submitted by herself

Smith, Lewis M. "Melvin" - USS Richmond - Submitted by Roger Cutsinger (son-in-law)

Stahl, Wallace William - Served at Midway and Okinawa - Electrician's Mate, First Class - Submitted by Cynthia Stahl Lawyer (daughter)

Weygandt Jr., Henry F. - Submitted by Tina C. Gilbert (sister-in-law)

Womack, Richard E. - Served on the USS Shamrock Bay and the USS Prince William - Submitted by himself

"Those Who Served" Index

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