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Upcoming Events

We have listed below any event related to World War II, patriotism, or an event that we will be participating in that is taking place in this area.  Please contact us if you have any questions regarding any of these events.  If you would like us to add your event or know of one that we should add, let us know so we can add it here.

Click here to view the Reenactor Events Calendar


Event: Apple Day

Date(s): 23 September, All Day

Location: Ft. Riley, KS

Type: Public Display

Need WWIIHC Volunteers: Yes

Website: https://www.facebook.com/events/1898670747069644

Description: This event is put on to provide the military community and the general public a glimpse at historical sights, sounds and smells of the frontier army and to learn about American military history.  This is a big event for the WWII Reenacting Corps and the WWII History Center in that we’ll be getting major exposure with Fort Riley.  I believe that Germans will be allowed this year, so long as the focus is on they being the opposition to the Big Red 1 on Normandy.  More details as the date drawn near...


Event: El Dorado Fall Festival

Date(s): ?? September

Location: Downtown El Dorado, KS

Type: Public Display

Need WWIIHC Volunteers: Yes

Website: https://www.facebook.com/eldoradofallfestival/

Description: Last year was a bust - the weather and the construction was bad.  We had very few visitors.  Here's hoping for a better time around this year.  The Museum will have an Open House and we’ll need all hands on deck.  Reenactors can set up display tables inside or outside the museum.  We’ll try to get a speaker and have other events going on in the Museum.  This is potentially a big even for the WWII History Center.  More details to come…


Event: WWIIHC Open House and Outskirts of Isigny X

Date(s): 11 November, All Day

Location: Main Street, Wichita KS

Type: Parade

Need WWIIHC Volunteers: Yes

Point of ContactErik Runge

Website: http://www.wwiihistorycenter.org/wwiirc/events/isigny.html

Description: Join the WWII History Center Open House and the WWII Reenacting Corps in the 10th annual public battle, "Outskirts of Isigny."  The event coincides with the city of El Dorado's Veteran's Day Celebration of Freedom.  Parade is at noon, Weapons demo at 1 p.m. and Battle Reenactment at 1:30 p.m.  Event is ETO 1944.  Last year, we had sponsors who provided hotels and gas cards for reenactors.  We're hoping to get more sponsors this year.  Come check it out!


Event: Wichita Veteran's Day Parade

Date(s): 11 November, 11am

Location: WWII History Center, El Dorado, KS

Type: Open House, Public Battle and Public Display

Need WWIIHC Volunteers: Yes

Point of ContactErik Runge

Website: http://www.dwss.us/WichitaVeteransDayParade/Parade_Route.htm

Description: We'll be able to participate in the Veteran's Day parade in Wichita this year.  See website for details.  


Event: Peru XIV

Date(s): 17 November (Late Afternoon to dark), 18 November (0900-1600)

Location: Peru Brickyard, Peru, KS

Type: Tactical

Need WWIIHC Volunteers: No

Point of ContactBob Hartung

Website: http://wwiihistorycenter.org/wwiirc/events/peru.html

Description: This will be the thirteenth year for the Peru reenactment.  Bob Hartung, the event coordinator, has asked that I send the announcement out.  The event is an ETO and Eastern Front event, so all impressions are welcome.  Just like years past, there will be grass area for camping out on Friday, Cafe Peru opens at dusk.  Registration fee will probably be $20, but is subject to change.

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