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These are the men that are in charge of not only their respective units, but form the Command Staff of the WWII Reenacting Corps.  They make the decisions, in conjunction with the WWII History Center Foundation Board of Directors, that set the direction for the Corps to accomplish their mission of remembering a generation, honoring their sacrifices and educating future generations.

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Erik Runge
Erik Runge
Wichita, KS

Michael Kepley
Michael Kepley
82nd Airborne Division
Wichita, KS
Erik helped form the 352nd Infantry Division based out of the WWII History Center in El Dorado, KS in March 2009.  He took over command of the WWII Reenacting Corps after the previous commander, Allen Cooley (The WWII History Center's Executive Director) retired from reenacting in May 2011.  Erik is prior Air Force, currently works as an aerospace engineer and can partially speak German.  He has been to reenacting events all over the Midwest and looks forward to helping the Reenacting Corps grow. Michael Kepley took over command of the American reenacting unit in June 2012, after the disbanding of the 4th Armored Division.  Michael founded the 82nd Airborne Division and has big plans for his unit in the future.  

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